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KIP 75 Series

KIP 75 Series

The KIP 75 Series — comprised of the KIP 7570, 7580 and the 7590 — proudly replaces the popular KIP 7770 Series. With this new series of wide format printers on your production team, you’ll have high-speed wide-format output, high-resolution print quality and simple touch-screen control that’s as easy to operate as a familiar tablet. With compact top-stacking design, two or four integrated media rolls and optional scanner, you’ll have a system that fits any application or workspace.

Key Features

  • 10 “D” / ”A1” size prints per minute

  • 600 x 2400 dpi print resolution

  • 12” color multi-touch display

  • Top-stacking compact design

Other Features

  • Fast output of up to 10 “D” size or “A1” size prints per minute
  • Configurations: Printer-only and MFP with integrated color CIS scanner or separate KIP 2300 color CCD scanner
  • Top-stacking design supports two or four media rolls with KIP Quick Roll Switching Technology for greater productivity
  • Auto-switching of media drawers ensures non-stop print production
  • 600 x 2400 dpi resolution for sharp image detail, clean fine lines and legible text
  • 12.1” smart multi-touch display provides simple operation with common tablet-style hand movements
  • Print management software shows printer status and drivers via standard web browser
  • USB port makes it easy to view and print documents directly from multiple media formats
  • Built-in mobile cloud convenience

Highlighted Accessories

Highlighted Accessories

  • KIP 2300 CCD Camera Scan System for ultra-fast image capture and best-in-class productivity
  • Adjustable print stacking rack to fit the needs of any workspace
  • KIP 1200 high-capacity online stacker for automatic printing and stacking
  • KIPFold 1000 compact online fan folder
  • KIPFold 2800 online fan and cross folder
  • PDF printing option for wide-format printing of PDF files

Additional Models