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KIP 79 Series

KIP 79 Series

Comprised of enhanced versions of the KIP 7970, 7980 and the 7990, the new KIP 79 Series replaces the KIP 7970 series, offering you greater speed and convenience for higher productivity in wide-format applications. The KIP 79 Series retains the popular vivid 12” color multi-touch display that makes operation simple on wide-format printers, along with the convenient top-stacking design which supports two or four integrated media rolls —providing you with a powerful, scalable system to fit the needs of your application.

Key Features

  • 14 “D” / ”A1” size prints per minute

  • 600 x 2400 dpi print resolution

  • 12” color multi-touch display

  • Top-stacking compact design

Other Features

  • Fast output of up to 14 “D” size or “A1” size prints per minute
  • • Configurations: Printer-only and MFP with embedded KIP 720 CIS color scanner or separate KIP 2300 CCD color scanner
  • Top-stacking design supports two or four media rolls with KIP Quick Roll Switching Technology for greater productivity
  • Auto-switching of media drawers ensures non-stop print production
  • 600 x 2400 dpi resolution for sharp image detail, clean fine lines and legible text
  • 12.1” smart multi-touch display provides simple operation with common tablet-style hand movements
  • Print management software shows printer status and drivers via standard web browser
  • USB port makes it easy to view and print documents directly from multiple media formats
  • Built-in mobile cloud convenience

Highlighted Accessories

Highlighted Accessories

  • KIP 2300 CCD Camera Scan System for ultra-fast image capture and best-in-class productivity
  • Adjustable print stacking rack to fit the needs of any workspace
  • KIP 1200 high-capacity online stacker for automatic printing and stacking
  • KIPFold 1000 compact online fan folder
  • KIPFold 2800 online fan and cross folder
  • PDF printing option for wide-format printing of PDF files

Additional Models