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Clean Planet Program: Cost Free Recycling

Welcome to our new and improved Clean Planet Program

The Clean Planet Program is Konica Minolta's way of recognizing its responsibility towards the environment. From comprehensive environmental management systems to the energy and resources our products use, it ensures everything we do has awareness for the well-being of the planet.

No consumables in landfills.
Konica Minolta has partnered with Close the Loop Inc., leading global recyclers of imaging consumables to process returned consumables in an environmentally safe and responsible manner. All cartridges are recycled with zero waste to landfills and zero incineration.


Using a state of the art material separation process, all consumables are processed, extracted and recovered for reuse. Recovered component materials are re-engineered so they can be remanufactured into useful products such as asphalt binders and colorants for plastic.


No cost to consumer
Unlike some recycling plans, Konica Minolta’s cost free recycling program doesn’t require you to pay for recycling costs or shipping.

All Konica Minolta consumables from every Konica Minolta model can be recycled. No matter the volume there is a program to fit your needs.

Total commitment to the environment
For years, Konica Minolta has led the industry in policies and technologies designed to protect our green planet – saving energy, minimizing pollution and reducing environmental impact through the entire lifecycle of our products.


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