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Konica Minolta Applications / Data Conversion

Konica Minolta’s Data Conversion services and software portfolio includes applications and hardware devices. These data conversion applications receive mainframe and competitive print streams and output PostScript™ print streams to PRESS/PRO/Office products. The hardware devices intercept mainframe print streams and perform data conversions including rendering barcodes for output to Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS/PRO/Office products.

Select a Data Conversion Application

  • LinkCom III
  • MPI Blue Server
  • RSA IPDSPrint
  • RSA M.I.S. Print
  • RSA RDOPrint
  • TypeHaus BarCodeJet

LinkCom III
The easiest way to connect your bizhub printer to a mixed-host/LAN environment -- converting AFP/IDPS and SCS/DCA data streams to the industry-standard PCL or PostScript languages and providing the ideal migration path for IBM printing in a LAN environment.
LinkCom III has been developed by MPI Tech to work efficiently within a mixed-host/LAN environment supporting both SNA and TCP/IP sessions. It's a simple solution that converts AFP/IPDF and SCS/DCA to industry-standard PCL 5 or PostScript language used by bizhub™ and other multifunctional devices.

It also provides the ideal migration path for IBM printing in a LAN environment -- and enables IBM systems and standard LAN/PC environments to make full use of the powerful print production features built into every bizhub device.

  • Enables both SNA and TCP/IP sessions to the printer and supports finisher options for automated production.

  • Standard redirection of one output to a network-connected printer; optional redirection of three outputs to a network via TCP/IP is also available.

  • Status reporting directly to the person responsible for the printer.

  • Easy plug-and-print installation for the AS/400 environment; mainframe users can also easily migrate SCS/DCA data streams to the LAN.

MPI Blue Server

For handling IBM and related data streams, the Blue Server is a server-based transform solution that speeds your workflow by allowing you to distribute output from IBM System z®, IBM System i®, Infoprint Manager and other platforms quickly and efficiently -- without the need to modify print applications..

The Blue Server provides power, productivity and performance, optimizing output to serve a wide range of document needs. It will automatically translate AFPDS, IPDS and SCS data to PCL, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, PPML and other formats for printing, viewing or archiving.

You can archive or distribute output in PDF, PDF/A or TIFF formats throughout your enterprise, even customize existing PCL and PostScript print jobs to take advantage of virtually any PCL or PostScript printer functions -- duplex, stapling, paper trays and security enhancements.

  • A simple, integrated workflow converts AFPDS, IPDS, and SCS data streams to PCL, PostScript, PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, BMP and PPML file formats
  • Drives up to 500 printers per server and supports virtually any PCL and PostScript printer -- MFP, laser, thermal transfer or matrix
  • Output speed of 500 ppm or more drives your printers to increase productivity; very high-speed 10,000 ppm conversion capability depending on server and application
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to configure and monitor the activity of your printer fleet; distribution via Email or fax speeds your workflow
  • Supports complete utilization of printer features such as tray selection, stapling, hole punching, stacking, etc.
  • Bi-directional communication with printers enables full error recovery with automatic Fail-over option
  • Generates searchable PDF with index and encryption features for fast, simple archiving and retrieval
  • Automatic overlay insert is ideal for impact printers and replacing pre-printed forms

A unique RSA software solution that converts IPDS print streams for compatibility with bizhub PRESS and bizhub PRO devices on your network -- allowing you to handle IPDS printing with 100% data fidelity and reprint documents without reprocessing jobs at the host computer.
IPDSPrint also lets you reprint documents without re-processing jobs at the host computer. And in mixed environments, you can use IPDSPrint for IPDS together with M.I.S. Print for LCDS to convert both data streams concurrently.

  • Provides mainframe and AS/400 connectivity via TCP/IP, ESCON Channel, or Bus & Tag Channel.

  • Supports clipping, scaling, paper source control, automatic resolution scaling, bitmap and outline fonts, N-Up printing and 2D Bar Code printing.

  • Prints host documents to any production printer on your network -- and extends IPDS capabilities to remote locations.

  • Prints to the best printer for the job, with flexibility that allows you to choose your printer based on the type of input and output your job requires.

  • Provides the superior reliability of a Sun workstation and requires no UNIX or Solaris knowledge; integrates with RSA’s Qdirect software for Enterprise Output Management.

RSA M.I.S. Print
M.I.S. Print is a simple RSA software solution that converts legacy line printer files and Xerox LCDS data streams to PostScript or PDF format so you can access, view, archive and print documents on bizhub PRESS and bizhub PRO digital production printers.
 With M.I.S. Print, 100% data fidelity is guaranteed -- so you can be sure your PostScript print output will match your legacy output.& And in mixed environments, you can use M.I.S. Print for LCDS together with IPDSPrint for IPDS to convert both data streams concurrently.


RDO Print is a must-have RSA solution for every print professional with a large investment in legacy documents created by Xerox DigiPath. It automatically converts your RDO files to PostScript or PDF files for streamlined and efficient output on Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS and bizhub PRO production printers.
You can also convert your PostScript file to a PDF file that can be viewed, stored, shared and edited throughout your network, resulting in a seamless, flexible document workflow that's no longer constrained by the limitations of your pre-existing RDO files.


TypeHaus BarCodeJet
TypeHaus BarcodeJet is an external barcode printing system for your bizhub MFP and laser printers, allowing you to print more than 70 types of barcodes with an impressive library of scalable barcodes in various rotations and sizes to fit any document need.

In a world of business that’s constantly changing, you need versatile devices to get you ahead and keep you there. Introducing the TypeHaus Barcode Jet Level IV, an external barcode printer system that converts any Ethernet-attached Konica Minolta MFP into a multi-faceted barcode printer. Supporting more than 70 different types of barcodes, the BarcodeJet requires minimal setup and is host operating system independent. The TypeHaus BarcodeJet Level IV brings simplicity to barcode printing, and efficiency to your business’ workflow.

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