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Konica Minolta Applications / Device Administration

You can count on Konica Minolta device administration software to network utilities that support all aspects of bizhub functionality. These aspects include device status, monitoring and setup, configuring multiple devices from a single point, bringing bizhub devices into enterprise systems and managing addresses and security dates more efficiently.

Please Select a Device Administration Application

  • bizhub vCare
  • Copy Protect Utility
  • Corporate Announcements
  • Font Management Utility
  • HDD Backup Utility
  • PageScope Box Operator
  • PageScope Data Administrator
  • PageScope Direct Print
  • PageScope EMS Plug-ins
  • PageScope Log Management Utility
  • PageScope NDPS Gateway
  • PageScope Net Care Device Manager
  • PageScope Network Setup
  • PageScope Web Connection
  • Print Status Notifier
  • Web Print Assistant

bizhub vCare

bizhub vCare enables your participating, authorized Konica Minolta business partner to streamline the management of your bizhub. This device relationship management (DRM) system provides automated meter reads, real-time monitoring, and maintenance alerts.

Konica Minolta bizhub vCare is a device relationship management (DRM) system that was designed to enhance the customer experience for bizhub, bizhub PRO, and bizhub PRESS users. When offered by your participating, authorized Konica Minolta business partner, bizhub vCare provides maximum up-time and optimum output quality. This device relationship management (DRM) system continuously works in the background, monitoring hundreds of diagnostic areas of your bizhub. bizhub vCare routinely communicates to the central vCare diagnostic server through brief email or http messages, which provides vital information about the health of your bizhub, to your participating, authorized Konica Minolta business partner, including:

  • Automated and accurate meter reads
  • Real-time diagnostic monitoring
  • Tracking of maintenance parts
  • Intelligent supply notifications
  • Proactive malfunction and maintenance alerts

Copy Protect Utility

A security enhancement solution that helps make certain your sensitive documents won’t be copied for inappropriate purposes.

PageScope Copy Protection Utility adds an extra level of security protection to your workflow by helping you manage the built-in Copy Protection features of your bizhub™ central document resource.

With PageScope Copy Protection Utility, you can set Copy Protection patterns (including text, point size, orientation, etc.), add patterns and remove patterns, keeping all your bizhub MFP settings up to date and fully protecting your valuable or sensitive information from being copied and compromised.

Corporate Announcements
The Corporate Announcements application conveys important information to employees faster and with visual impact that’s sure to get noticed. Safety notices, corporate policies, company events and more can be viewed and accessed on your MFP control panel -- an effective and much-needed way to make sure everyone gets the message.

Share information easily and strengthen your corporate culture with a simple, PC-based solution that displays messages (“ads”) on your MFP control panel. When the screensaver is invoked on an MFP with the Corporate Announcements app installed, the control panel will cycle through a series of ads that display important and timely information -- and users can still print, copy, scan and fax without interruption.

  • A simple way to spread the word on corporate policies, new products, company events, and more
  • Ideal for use in a variety of industries: hospitals can display HIPAA security messages or public health safety concerns; schools can display alerts for parent-teacher conferences or upcoming school events; law firms can display new client announcements, etc.
  • Messages can be distributed to one or more bizhub MFPs in the workplace
  • An easy-to-use interface lets you view active ads as thumbnail images and see which bizhub MFP device they will be displayed on
  • Easily register and select new MFPs and define new ads to be displayed
  • Administrators can define a group of MFPs to quickly distribute ads to multiple MFPs
  • Ads are displayed with no interference to MFP print/scan/fax performance
  • MFP users can interact with the ads that are displayed, including pausing, repeating, and tapping on a link for more information

Font Management Utility

A simple solution that strengthens your graphics capabilities by enabling you to upload PCL and PostScript fonts to any Konica Minolta bizhub™ device. With PageScope Font Management Utility, you'll have a simple-to-use Windows-based application that uploads and downloads fonts -- to help you modify and customize the font repertoire of any bizhub color or B&W MFP with built-in Emperon printing.

PageScope Font Management Utility is perfect for desktop publishing, in-house printing and production print environments requiring a wide range of typography. You can quickly and easily expand the pre-defined font limits of your built-in Emperon™ Print System by uploading additional PCL and PostScript fonts to meet the needs of any layout or format.



HDD Backup Utility

A fast, simple solution that gives you additional backup protection for the valuable documents stored on your Konica Minolta bizhub™ devices. With PageScope HDD Backup Utility, you'll always have the proper recovery tool at your fingertips -- in a simple, intuitive software solution that supports the complete bizhub product line.

PageScope HDD Backup Utility offers a complete backup system for your bizhub central document resource. It complements the corporate IT backup strategy you currently use and gives you an additional layer of security protection in case of natural disasters or other serious occurrences that can compromise the safety of your documents.


PageScope Box Operator

A simple PC solution for managing files stored in the User Box of your Konica Minolta bizhub device -- viewing, downloading, reprinting and more, all without leaving your desk.

PageScope Box Operator helps you optimize your bizhub document workflow. Right from your PC, you can view, download, reprint, rename and delete files stored in the User Box of your bizhub multifunctional device -- to leverage the power of your central document resource. For those fax enabled devices you can forward all incoming faxes to a User Box and view them before printing eliminating unwanted spam fax printing.


PageScope Data Administrator

A flexible, simple solution to configure User Authentication and Account Track settings along with One Touch destinations on your bizhub multifunctional device to one or multiple devices from a centralized location.

PageScope Data Administrator eliminates the need to configure and update Authentication settings and one touch destinations including Email, SMB and FTP manually on each bizhub device -- and for busy system administrators, that can save valuable time and effort.

You can import Email addresses in bulk from an LDAP-compliant Email server as well as import and export user authentication data to and from supported bizhub devices.  You can also import current settings from existing Konica Minolta models, to speed the integration of new equipment into your workflow. All this data can be pushed to one or multiple devices without ever being in front of the MFP.




PageScope Direct Print

With drag-and-drop functionality and simple desktop icons that print according to pre-set parameters, printing a job can be as quick and easy as clicking a mouse.

PageScope Direct Print lets you select the PDF or TIFF file you want printed -- then drag the file and drop it into a print icon on your desktop. Different settings can be applied to other icons, so various types of jobs can be automatically printed in the proper format.

You can create as many icons as you need and keep them all available on your desktop, saving the time it takes to enter complex job settings each time you print -- a real productivity advantage when document traffic is most demanding.



PageScope EMS Plug-ins

For remote management, it's the quick and simple way to incorporate new bizhub devices into existing large-scale EMS environments.

PageScope EMS Plug-Ins bring Konica Minolta bizhub devices quickly and seamlessly into EMS (Enterprise Management System) environments. Your bizhub device is automatically detected, brought into your management system, and identified by a unique icon that gives you point-and-click link to the PageScope Web Connection software built into each supported bizhub device.

System managers can immediately control new bizhub devices through their networks -- and that's a real time-saving advantage for administrative productivity.




PageScope Log Management Utility

The Pagescope Log Management Utility is an administrative tool to automatically acquire transactional logs files for all scan and fax communication from each networked a single or multiple MFP's and deliver them to a central location.

The main function of Log Management Utility is to enable administrators to acquire transactional logs from each Konica Minolta MFP and bring them to a centralized location for audit purposes.

Information available within the log includes Source MFP, Date and Time, User/Account Name, Transmission Type (scan or fax), Destination Address or Number, File Name, Successful and Failed Communication results and duration of the transmission.




PageScope NDPS Gateway

Enables your bizhub multifunctional device to operate seamlessly within high-volume NetWare printing environments.

PageScope NDPS Gateway is designed to maximize your bizhub print performance within Novell's Distributed Print Services (NDPS) environments. It fully integrates each bizhub device into your system, for powerful print management via the NDPS administrative interface.

You'll have bi-directional device feedback and control, automatic pop-up or Email notification of error messages, simple remote device setup and more -- all the productivity advantages of your NDPS network.



PageScope Net Care Device Manager

A simple, powerful enterprise solution that lets administrators manage an entire fleet of multifunctional printer/copier devices from a single point.

Building on the previous version of PageScope Net Care, Device Manager is a simple, powerful enterprise solution that lets administrators manage an entire fleet of MFP's from a centralized server. Device Manager is not a requirement for the Enterprise Suite but it gives IT administrators the ability to manage their entire fleet of MFP's and users from a centralized location from a single console. Net Care Device Manager is designed to run on the "Core" of the PageScope Enterprise Suite server utilizing Microsoft SQL server. The new version will include all the same powerful features of previous versions but will now support up to 2000 MFP on a single server.

Download the PageScope Net Care Device Manager Software


PageScope Network Setup

A simple solution that lets IT administrators set up each new bizhub™ multifunctional device as soon as it's installed -- a real time-saver for fast-growing networks.

PageScope Network Setup lets you add new bizhub devices to your network more quickly and easily, with management from a single point.  IT administrators can be more productive, because there’s no need to locate and set up each machine manually.

All your bizhub devices are listed as items on a simple on-screen display.  Quick setup brings additional and replacement devices into your workflow immediately -- so in today’s new world of business color and central document resource solutions, you can be more productive right from the start.




PageScope Web Connection

The network utility that gives every bizhub™ multifunctional device its own “website” for one-to-one management from your desktop PC.

PageScope Web Connection is a better way to check the status of your bizhub printer/copier -- because you don't have to leave your desk. It's a web-based network utility that provides detailed information on status and settings via standard web browsers.

Using PageScope Web Connection, you can monitor the status and settings of your bizhub device, adjust settings, set up one-touch dialing, choose the address for scanned data and more. For large networks, it's a real time-saver that lets you access information and control operation quickly and easily without going to each device to check status and make adjustments.




Print Status Notifier

Provides on-screen PC notification to inform you of the status of bizhub print jobs -- so you can keep working at your desk while your job is running.

PageScope Print Status Notifier eliminates the need to leave your desk to find out whether your print job is finished -- or learn that your job has been delayed by a printing problem or print supplies running low. You'll have immediate notification on your PC screen to tell you when a job is finished -- which can save critical moments when you're trying to meet an important deadline.

You'll also be notified if there is a printing delay, so you or your system administrator can act quickly to solve the problem and keep printing at full productivity.


Web Print Assistant

The PageScope Web Print Assistant will automatically resize web pages to print the entire page without cutting off valuable information with minimal user intervention required.

The Web Print Assistant is a utility which when installed becomes part of the Microsoft Internet Explorer tool bar. The main function of Web Print Assistant is the ability to automatically reduce web pages for printing. When printing from the web, some pages may have part of their right edges cut off. Web Print Assistant will automatically reduce the size of the web page so all the information you are viewing will now be printed without any important data being cut off.

If you only wish to print a small portion of a page such as a recipe, excerpts from an article or a specific image, the Web Printing Assistant will allow you to select specific areas you wish to print without printing the entire page.

The Web Print Assistant will also allow you to preview your document prior to printing; this will ensure you are printing exactly what to want before you actually print.



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