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You can count on Konica Minolta to deliver powerful, simple document management applications to help you scan, store, distribute and archive information quickly and more cost effectively -- to speed your workflow and realize the full potential of your bizhub as a central document resource that moves information faster.

Please Select a Document Management Application

  • Dispatcher Phoenix Bubble Grader
  • FileAssist
  • IPro Copy +
  • IPro eScan-IT
  • PRISM DocRecord
  • PRISM ScanPath
  • Unity Document Suite

Dispatcher Phoenix Bubble Grader

Grading and analyzing test results can be fast, simple and cost-efficient with the Dispatcher Phoenix Bubble Grader solution. Teachers can quickly create and print their own bubble sheet tests on plain paper, using Konica Minolta bizhub and other MFPs -- then scan and grade results automatically, with data reports at their fingertips in minutes.


  • Makes testing and grading easier
  • Fast printing of bubble test sheets
  • Grades bubble tests using Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology
  • Automatically generates reports to analyze performance

The Dispatcher Phoenix Bubble Grader is part of Dispatcher Phoenix Education, a proven solution for increased productivity in schools, districts and colleges. With Bubble Grader, teachers won’t have to take tests home at night to grade -- and automated test scoring and assessment makes room for more time in the classroom, focusing on educational goals. 

Bubble Grader leverages the power of Konica Minolta bizhub devices, saving money and speeding workflow. It eliminates the need for costly pre-printed bubble test forms that must be stored, discarded, upgraded or reprinted. It can also replace complex test scanning systems, which can be slow to operate and difficult to master.

  • Bubble Sheet Generator Tool allows teachers to create bubble sheet test and answer keys customized with instructor and student names, exam name and date, etc.
  • Bubble test sheets can be printed at the output speed of your MFP -- 30, 40, even 50 pages per minute
  • Bubble sheets can be scanned and graded automatically, stored in a local or network folder, uploaded to a document management system, emailed to administrators, etc.
  • Bubble Grader can automatically compile test results and analyze data to chart progress, compare performance against district norms, and identify areas for improvement
  • Test Summary Statistics Report provides basic statistics for test grades in a class, including mean, median, standard deviation and range
  • Item Analysis Report gives a breakdown of each item and provides the frequency and percentage of students who responded to each question correctly or incorrectly
  • Student Response Report analyzes individual student responses to each question along with summary statistics
  • Comprehensive Test Report combines all of the above reports in an all-encompassing picture of student and classroom performance


Save, share, sync, and backup documents and data instantly – without compromising time or sensitive information. Konica Minolta’s FileAssist is a cloud-based document management service that allows every business to securely access mission critical data from anywhere in the world, at anytime. Housed on a dedicated virtual server, it works seamlessly on different platforms, browsers, mobile devices, and bizhub MFP’s within a single application and uniform user experience to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

Konica Minolta’s FileAssist is a powerful, easy to use, secure, cloud-based document management system that allows your business to instantly store, share and backup files online – and access them just as quickly – from different platforms, browsers, devices, even your bizhub MFP. It’s scalable to your business, so you can link people, practices, workflow, both internally and externally, to increase collaboration, efficiency and productivity. Our industry leading security ensures your data is completely secure, allowing you to work within a private cloud environment. It’s easy to use, secure, and hosts a robust set of features, including:


  • Online File Sharing and Collaboration
    Share documents and data instantly amongst your team in the cloud without compromising time or sensitive information

  • Industry Leading Security
    Incorporates the most rigorous privacy, security and legal practices to ensure maximum protection, allowing highly regulated industries to manage documents within a private cloud environment.

  • File Backup & Sync in the Cloud
    Built-in file backup and synchronization capabilities allow your company to move away from tape silos and expensive legacy systems to a private cloud gateway.

  • Accessibility and Compatibility
    Access mission critical data from different platforms, browsers and mobile devices from a single gateway.

  • Administrative Console
    Document management settings to control user and data access capabilities to develop elastic boundaries and safeguard your data.


IPro Copy +
Easy to use and integrating seamlessly with your current PC environment, iPRO Copy+ is an ideal litigation software solution -- offering legal scanning, copying, Bates numbering, OCR and printing in a simultaneous process that saves you time and effort.
Legal scanning has never been easier than with IPRO Copy+. This litigation software was designed to run in parallel, so it can copy, scan, Bates number, OCR and print simultaneously to save you time and resources. Plus, changes are also a breeze and can be made at any time in any place in the document. IPRO Copy+ litigation software is easy to use and is Microsoft based, so it can run on any available PC.

  • One-touch legal scanning, Bates labeling, OCR and printing

  • Produces searchable PDF/Tiffs and offers blowback printing

  • Automatically creates all popular litigation database load files (Summation, Concordance, etc)

  • Simple burning and viewing of CDs on IPRO Image Viewer

  • Easily performs image rotation, despeckle, deskew, and renumber

  • Advanced print options allow for printing in B&W or color

IPro eScan-IT
For legal applications, iPRO eScan-IT offers scanning and OCR in a cost-effective software program that simplifies the process of preparing cases for eDiscovery -- searching files, creating images, extracting text and metadata, and transforming paper documents into industry-accepted legal file formats.
Easily search, scan and print using e discovery software from Konica Minolta. iPRO eScan-IT makes it easy to define Bates numbers, code fields, extract metadata and file text, and convert files to TIFF or searchable PDFs. Plus, users can also select the file types and date range to be included in the electronic discovery process, focusing only on those that are relevant to the case. Everything needed to image, index, and produce documents is built into eScan-IT e discovery software.


PRISM DocRecord

A powerful, low-cost document management solution with powerful features to help you capture, process, organize, index, and search and retrieve documents for smoother workflow and higher productivity. You’ll have both local and web document search capabilities with any browser-enabled device -- PC, tablet, even smartphone.

Prism DocRecord for document management is a simple, powerful solution to help you bring information into your workflow and manage documents more quickly and cost-efficiently. It provides all the features required for small-to-midsize business users -- plus advanced document processing capabilities to serve the growing needs of larger organizations. To save time and speed workflow by automating manual document processes, DocRecord does it all -- at a cost you can afford. 


PRISM ScanPath

Get more out of your bizhub MFP with ScanPath. This document conversion and workflow software transforms scans into nine editable formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and into various PDF formats. It also has Follow and Secure Release print capability. With ScanPath you can scan to PDF, custom workflows, network folders, SharePoint, email, and on-line web repositories. It has OCR support for over 25 languages and is localized into 19 languages.

With Prism ScanPath, you’ll can realize the full productivity and cost-saving potential of your MFP workflow. Your ScanPath server can connect with up to 50 bizhub MFPs -- bringing information into your system faster, automatically scanning to multiple destinations, converting scanned documents to Microsoft files and/or PDF formats and more. Customizable workflows help you handle your workload with greater speed and efficiency, controlling labor costs while you share information with co-workers, workgroups, managers, customers and vendors.


Unity Document Suite

A desktop document management solution designed to optimize the power of your bizhub MFP, Unity Document Suite streamlines processes for improved productivity -- enabling you to convert, edit, organize, combine, search and share scanned documents, Microsoft Office files and PDF files more quickly and easily than ever.



*Some features may require the installation of the included eCopy ShareScan Server and Unity Connector

Unity Document Suite combines three user-friendly applications and integrates fully into your existing business processes. This powerful, intuitive software solution streamlines document-based management processes for improved productivity, increased efficiency and significant cost savings.  Unity Document Suite leverages the power of bizhub electronic document capture capabilities, enabling you to convert, edit, organize, combine, search and share scanned documents and work files with greater speed and cost-efficiency.



*Some features may require the installation of the included eCopy ShareScan Server and Unity Connector

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