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With the ever-increasing dependence on smartphones, tablet, and other mobile devices, Konica Minolta offers innovative solutions enabling you to use your mobile device to view, scan, and print your documents with compatible Konica Minolta bizhub products.

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  • PageScope Mobile

PageScope Mobile
In today’s business world, you need to stay in touch anywhere you travel.  The PageScope Mobile printing app is a powerful, cutting-edge mobile productivity tool that downloads free to your your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android mobile device and enables you to manage documents on compatible bizhub® MFPs via wireless LAN connection -- printing files, scanning documents, reading email messages, even uploading and downloading data to Cloud services.

Visit your Apple App Store or Google Play Store today and download your free PageScope Mobile app!

The QR Code Generator allows customers to create a QR Code that is affixed to a compatible Konica Minolta device and scanned by end users to easily register a printer for mobile printing capabilities through our PageScope Mobile App.

A simple task for the Key Operator, Office Manager or IT or System Administrator to set up. Just click on the link and follow a few simple steps to create a QR Code that will be affixed to the device. IP addresses remain secure and calls are reduced to the IT Department.

PageScope Mobile makes it easy to print from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android mobile device.  Simply download your PageScope Mobile printing app and enjoy all these productivity advantages:

  • Mobile printing from bizhub MFPs

  • Scanning to your Apple or Android device via WebDav

  • Uploading or downloading files to/from Cloud services

  • Print PDF, TIFF, JPEG, XPS, PNG, BMP and GIF files on bizhub MFPs

  • Access documents and emails anytime, anywhere

  • Stay connected to increase your productivity

PageScope Mobile provides a secure platform for mobile printing and scanning applications. The wireless technology operates on your organization's existing private wireless network. The mobile user logs into your secure network using their log-in credentials at the mobile device. Once the user is authenticated, they can safely access networked bizhub MFPs from their tablet or smartphone.

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