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Konica Minolta Applications / Production Solutions

For busy production print environments, you can count on Konica Minolta to help you manage your production solutions with print management software.

Please Select a Production Solutions Application

  • Color Care - FD5
  • Digital StoreFront
  • EFI CPS 4
  • EngageIT Automation
  • EngageIT XMedia
  • Konica Minolta Canvas
  • Printgroove
  • Quite Imposing Plus
  • RSA QDirect
  • RSA QDirect Print Server
  • RSA WebCRD OnDemand
  • Xrite - i1iSis Scanner

Color Care - FD5

There’s no guesswork, no subjective “eye-balling” of color, and no need to rely on a patchwork of measurement tools and profile settings from multiple software applications – our Color Care software application suite handles it all, with interlocking modules that perform in unison to achieve precise, repeatable color under all conditions. Even custom corporate colors and ICC profiles can be created and fine-tuned with ease, so you’ll be ready for new print jobs and developing industry standards.

Color Care Catch: Your central measurement and analysis tool, including the measurement-based processes and routines you’ll need to set up engine parameters, maintain even density and color balance across each sheet, improve accuracy, and maintain maximum density values post-fusing. Each “job” measurement defines your target, measuring device, measurement and file location, reference and tolerance values. You can also perform statistical analysis on color critical jobs, ensuring correct color throughout the production run.

Color Care Profiler: Enables you to create ICC profiles for Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS and bizhub PRO equipment as well as other digital devices on your floor. You can specify media and special requirements and use a single-page CMYK target or a 4-page IT87.4 target. Easy-to-use pull-down menus and drag and drop functionality allow you to generate the profile you need.

Color Care Match Patch: Lets you optimize ICC profiles by comparing measured color patches to reference values for each
patch. Match Patch can improve spot colors, enhance critical color patches, correct color drift or deviation between print runs and improve tolerances to meet critical specifications.

Color Care Display: Makes it easy to calibrate your LCD monitor to the same color values of your output devices.
It creates accurate ICC profiles for CRT, TFT and notebooks. Furthermore, ambient light measurement and adjustment
of viewing booth is supported.

Color Care Linker: This Color Care module lets you create device link profiles to ensure consistent color output across
multiple digital production devices from Konica Minolta and other manufacturers.

Color Care Tuner: Allows you to fine-tune your CMYK spot color matching for superior results with any output device on
any substrate.

CurveCore: With the CurveCore option on the Color Care software application suite, you can calibrate grayscale to meet certified G7 standards, producing gray balance and tonal characteristics defined by the G7 specification. CurveCore software incorporates IDEAlliance’s G7 calibration and quality control functions for printer drivers, RIPs, process control systems and stand-alone printers, enabling you to calibrate virtually any color printer to accurate, repeatable G7 performance.

Digital StoreFront

EFI Digital StoreFront Software delivers streamlined job management and job workflow. The product enables your business to create a personalized, interactive Internet or intranet presence 24 hours a day for your customers, improving profitability.

Offers ultimate control and flexibility for the print center and customer
EFI Digital StoreFront is a unique, customizable shopping platform that lets your business meet your customer’s diverse print communication needs by offering them a unique shopping experience. Site visitors can navigate the full suite of print products and services through one easy-to-use storefront.

Customers can send new documents from their desktop computers from anywhere worldwide, using Digital StoreFront's automatic PDF conversion capabilities or the solution’s easy-to-use ticketing features to specify how they want their jobs produced. Site visitors can also choose pre-defined jobs from a visual catalog, as well as variable data printing (VDP) and non-print items like advertising specialties, logo merchandise and apparel, and even kits.

Handles complex job submissions easily
EFI Digital StoreFront software creates an end-to-end content and commerce workflow by providing seamless integration with other EFI products. The solution lets users, who are ordering documents and products, proof these items on screen as they are produced, including representations of paper colors and finishing options.

Increases businesses' profitability
No matter what Digital StoreFront version and integrated VDP option, whether it's the powerful XMPie personalization technology or the popular FusionPro engine, users won’t be forced into a proprietary document model. Either implementation allows them to offer customers single record (versioning) products, as well as 1:1 personalized products to support applications such as direct marketing.

EFI Digital StoreFront offers built-in support for large paper and other substrates (e.g., glass, gatorfoam, sintra, etc), roll or sheet media, and different pricing models for individual manufacturing steps to provide unparalleled flexibility. Media, printing, and post-print processes also can all be priced individually by flat cost, area, or quantity. In addition, many shops employing wide and superwide output can produce trade show walls, light boxes, easels, mounting kits, and other items that can be sold online via Digital StoreFront.

Improves customer satisfaction
EFI Digital StoreFront software is the only Web-to-Print offering that gives your business a choice between hosting the application or letting EFI host it for them as a managed "Software as a Service" (SaaS).


Color quality is a key issue for digital print businesses. The top issue for print buyers is color consistency, and almost half of digital printers call color matching their most difficult challenge.* To solve this, a color management solution needs to deliver precise color matching, even for novice operators. And it needs to ensure consistent color reproduction over time. This will then
reduce rework and reprints to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

Version 4 of Fiery® Color Profiler Suite color management software does all that and more, with the ability to produce color profiles so you can quickly and easily meet and exceed customer expectations for color precision and consistency. The comprehensive suite extends the capability of Fiery DrivenTM printers with the most advanced color management tools available, integrated at every stage of the printing workflow to ensure that your color reproduction is always accurate, consistent and repeatable.

*Digital Printing and Imaging Association

Key Benefits of the Color Management Software

  • Lets you create, visualize and edit color profiles with complete control.
  • Reduces outside cost by bringing color reproduction in-house.
  • Shortens typical color management learning curve with an easy-to-use interface that’s fully integrated with all Fiery servers and with interactive online training courses.

Expanded spectrophotometer support in all modules:

  • EFI ES-2000
  • X-Rite iSis

Printer Module:

  • Profiling for printers driven by Fiery XF
  • Custom paper size support.
  • New average measurements workflow minimizes the impact of engine

Enhanced Color Verifier Assistant.

  • Select test to run to verify color consistency.
  • Monitor and compare color metrics and trends through Fiery Dashboard.
  • Includes 3-month subscription to Fiery Dashboard service.

Device Link Module:

  • Spot-color optimization.

1-year software support and maintenance service contract.

EngageIT Automation

Printers continue to fight the battle against reduced profitability due to high operating costs and multiple workflow applications leading to inefficiencies that keep them from expanding and growing. EngageIT Automation workflow software re-engineers a print company’s operations and production workflow to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

EngageIT Automation workflow software is an order automation portal that is fully integrated with an automated production module that enables optimum efficiencies in the printing operations. This solution combines all aspects of the production cycle– to ultimately reduce the number of manual touches required in the production process.

EngageIT Automation workflow software enables you to maximize manufacturing capabilities from order entry through job ticketing, printing and delivery. You can plan your production cycle for repetitive jobs, even before they enter your workflow -- and your automated production module is fully integrated with your digital storefront, providing optimum efficiency and increasing your output capacity and productivity without adding new employees.


EngageIT XMedia

EngageIT XMedia marketing software is the multi-channel platform you need to grow your business. This cutting-edge solution enables you to fully integrate a powerful marketing tool with your existing services to broaden your reach and realize new business opportunities.

With EngageIT XMedia marketing software, your commercial print business gains an immediate productivity advantage: the ability to offer your customers a one-stop shop for all direct marketing initiatives. Even without an entire marketing team, you can now support personalized communications that speak to every phase of the customer lifecycle. Konica Minolta makes it easy with a simple drag-and-drop interface, an easy-to-use data management tool and integrated dashboard reporting that shows the status of every part of each campaign.


Konica Minolta Canvas

You can count on Konica Minolta Canvas to improve your digital printing process without an extensive learning curve. The application offers well defined nodes that are depicted by icons and represent actual users, groups, or processes and transitions to "automate" the workflow.

Lets you visualize the printing process. With Konica Minolta Canvas, you can streamline your digital printing process by creating an intuitive visual workflow chart from input to completion.

Simple drag-and-drop icons. From an array of graphical icons, create your chart by dragging and dropping the ones that represent each stage of the digital printing process in your production workflow.

Customized, personalized icons. You can specify the color, opacity and thickness of each icon, for a visual representation of what will be required at each production step.

Preserve customized icons. When your workflow is validated and saved to the application server, your customized icons can be saved as "user-defined nodes" for future use.

Easy to learn, easy to use. With just a little practice, any user can create Konica Minolta Canvas workflow charts -- and visualizing the printing process helps everyone manage jobs more effectively.

Saves time and effort. Canvas for Printgroove enables you to manage jobs more quickly, spend less time defining production steps, increase triage time and schedule employee assignments more accurately.

Improves productivity. By visualizing workflow, Konica Minolta Canvas gives print shop managers a working tool that can quickly identify problem spots and streamline the production printing process.




Printgroove gives you a solution for total production control through automated job ticketing and print queue management with device status monitoring.

In light production printing, CRD and small to mid-size print shop applications, Printgroove software is the key to greater output power and increased satisfaction for customers and corporate clients. It can accept input and it can be configured to fit your workflow like a glove.

 You can count on Konica Minolta and Printgroove to increase workflow efficiencies using a modular structure that gives you total flexibility. Modules work together seamlessly to save time, reduce costs, keep jobs moving and increase profitability at as little as one-third the price of competitive print management software.


Quite Imposing Plus

Quite Imposing Plus is a fast, simple software solution that makes booklets easier to produce, with simple commands that allow even untrained personnel to master the imposition process — combining pages into larger sheets ready for printing, checking sheets to avoid errors, adding, re-ordering, splitting or merging even/odd pages and much more.

Quite Imposing Plus is the fast, simple way to produce printed, finished booklets on your bizhub PRO production system.  You can combine pages into larger sheets that are ready for printing, check each sheet instantly to avoid errors, then add pages, re-order pages, split or merge even/odd pages, and number pages -- all without leaving your Acrobat application.

With Quite Imposing Plus, anyone can master the imposition process without extensive training or complex job setups.  Every operator will be able to arrange and rearrange pages, trim pages and accomplish a wide range of imposition tasks to make print production faster and more cost-efficient.



RSA QDirect

A powerful RSA solution that helps you manage your workflow more efficiently -- handling job creation, routing and printing across your entire enterprise.

QDirect makes convergence a reality by managing your data center, copy center, and production activities from a single point.  It helps you control workflow, route jobs and manage print destinations -- distributing jobs evenly to bizhub™ PRO production printers, workgroup printers, MFPs and desktop printers throughout your network.

No matter where a job originates or where it must ultimately end up, Qdirect can manage its progress.  You’ll be able to maximize productivity by automating queue management and job routing to local or remote devices -- and streamlined workflow will help you utilize your bizhub PRO devices to maximum efficiency.  


RSA QDirect Print Server
The RSA QDirect Print Server is a simplified, low-cost version of the QDirect Enterprise Output Manager.
QDirect makes print queue management a breeze. This turnkey hardware and software "appliance" that is ready to be plugged in and powered on. Operators access QDirect throughout the network via a graphical user interface and can easily route jobs. This print queue management system gives you the ability to administer more volume with fewer resources, while still meeting the requirements of robust job queuing and routing capabilities.


RSA WebCRD OnDemand
WebCRD OnDemand uses the same software that has been used by leading enterprises for a decade, but hosted in RSA's datacenter. Customers can have their own Web-based solution up and running quickly. RSA will handle all the technical details - including security, backups, and monitoring—from RSA's secure datacenter.


Xrite - i1iSis Scanner

Leveraging the unique technology of X-rite, we now offer the i1iSis automated chart reader: a fast, simple, versatile solution for accurate color density control. No more hand-scanning or reading individual chart patches – just load and go, feeding each chart into the device and automatically calibrating and correcting to produce professional-quality color.

Designed for use with Konica Minolta’s new IC-601 image controller or in stand-alone configuration with seamless PC control, the i1iSis automated chart reader simplifies color management for prepress and publishing professionals – so it’s ideal for production applications like high-end proofing, remote proofing, digital printing, photo processing and fine art printing.

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