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Protecting sensitive electronic information is of greater concern than ever before. With the proliferation of connected multi-functional office products, Konica Minolta realizes that protecting electronic documents processed by bizhub secure MFPs is an absolute requirement in the 21st century workplace. Our goal is to make bizhub products the most secure MFPs available on the market today.

Please Select a Security System Product

  • Biometric Authentication
  • bizhub SECURE
  • bizhub SECURE Healthcare
  • CAC/PIV Card System
  • HID iCLASS Card Reader
  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • Prism DocAudit
  • Proximity Card Authentication

Biometric Authentication
The AU-101 and the AU-102 are the only biometric finger vein readers which connect directly to the MFP and work in conjunction with the machine's internal authentication capabilities or integrate with Konica Minolta's Page Scope Enterprise Suite.

The biometric finger vein reader (AU-101/AU-102) allows highly secure, simple, and quick user access to the bizhub. Instead of forcing someone to enter a user ID and password before accessing the secure MFP, the Biometric Authentication unit can recognize a unique physical finger vein characteristic of each user simply by placing a finger on the device.

  • The AU-101/AU-102 offer the “ID and Print” feature.
  • The AU-101/AU-102 can be configured locally at the MFP or remotely using Pagescope Data Administrator.
  • Integrates with PageScope Enterprise Suite Authentication Manager, (Authentication Unit Gateway (AUG) required, to offer a complete authentication and accounting solution with custom control panel based on a user finger vein pattern.

bizhub SECURE
Data security is a large concern in today's business and professional world. Sensitive data is valuable to your organization and also may be vulnerable to theft and unauthorized access. How can you make certain your valuable data is safe from these threats? With bizhub SECURE - that's how. With advanced features like HDD encryption, HDD lock password protection and automatic data deletion, you can rest assured that your data is more than secure - it's bizhub SECURE!
bizhub MFPs ship standard with a wide range of data security functions and features. Don't have the time or bandwidth to set up and configure the settings? We can help with bizhub SECURE, a professional security service that will provide lock down protection on your bizhub MFP. For more information, contact a Konica Minolta Sales Professional today.

  • Develop a 20 digit secure alphanumeric password with the help of a Konica Minolta field engineer to lock down the HDD

  • Encrypt the entire contents of your bizhub HDD for exceptional data security

  • Eliminate any trace of data even after it's been deleted with Temporary Data Overwrite. Temporary Data overwrite conforms to DoD methods

  • Time your machine to auto-delete any material located in personal/public user boxes, as well as system user boxes

bizhub SECURE Healthcare

In today’s networked healthcare environment, compliance with HIPAA and other security regulations is a key priority. Recent breaches of Protected Health Information (PHI) have resulted in civil penalties and fines reaching into the millions of dollars, including a health plan fined $1.2 million for PHI found on unprotected and unencrypted MFP hard drives.

With bizhub SECURE Healthcare protection in place, you can be confident that your MFP has lock-down protection -- powerful password and data security measures to safeguard ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information) and guard against unauthorized disclosure.


  • bizhub SECURE Healthcare enables a valuable set of bizhub MFP security enhancements that can be activated by your Konica Minolta field engineer
  • Creation of a 20-digit secure alphanumeric password to lock down your bizhub hard disk drive
  • Encrypts the entire contents of your bizhub HDD for exceptional data security
  • Eliminates any trace of data even after it’s been deleted with Temporary Data Overwrite (Temporary Data Overwrite conforms to DOD methods)
  • Sets a  timer for your bizhub MFP to auto-overwrite any document images located in personal or public User Boxes, System User Boxes, Secure Print Boxes, and Folders
  • Disables unwanted services, protocols and ports at the MFP
  • Enables SSL (Self Sign Certificate) on the MFP

CAC/PIV Card System
Konica Minolta has partnered with ActivIdentity, a global leader in strong authentication and credential management, to develop a comprehensive Common Access Card (CAC)/Personal Identification Verification (PIV) card Solution that meets the most technically aggressive requirements put forth by the Department of Defense (DoD) and other highly secure government facilities for user access and authentication to bizhub MFPs.
The Konica Minolta bizhub CAC/PIV solution has been developed to reside and run within the bizhub MFP. It meets the Federal Government's two factor authentication requirement and is designed to interface with standard CAC/PIV card readers and is compatible with all CAC and PIV cards available today. The partnership with ActivIdentity ensures all cards available today as well as those released in the future will be fully compatible with Konica Minolta MFP’s.


HID iCLASS Card Reader
The AU-202H is an HID iClass card reader which connects directly to the USB port on the MFP and works in conjunction with the machine's internal authentication capabilities or with the Konica Minolta exclusive bEST Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express integrated solutions.
The iClass card technology offers more security then the base HID Proximity card technology for those locations requiring added security for physical or logical access. To gain physical access to their building a user simply places their HID iClass card near the reader. To gain physical access to the MFP the user simply places the same HID iClass card near the reader to complete copy, scan and fax functions. Secure printing has never been easier than with the ID and Print feature. A user sends a print job to the MFP where it is held on the MFP Hard Drive until the user is physically in front of the MFP. To release their job, the user simply places their HID iClass card near the AU-202H and their documents are released without any other interaction.

The AU-202H allows a user to:
1. Walk up to an MFP
2. Place their HID iClass Card near the AU-202H and
3. Begin the copy/fax/print/scan functions


Magnetic Card Reader
MFP authentication and secure printing has never been easier than with the AU-204H magnetic card reader from Konica Minolta. This card reader connects to your MFP via a USB port and is easy to use.
Convenient and secure MFP authentication has never been easier than with the AU-204H magnetic card reader. Send sensitive documents to the printer without worry using the AU-204H magnetic card reader. This security device prevents unauthorized MFP access and protects documents from being released until the user swipes their magnetic card through the reader at the printer. It works in either direction - regardless of which way the magnetic strip is facing when swiped.  You can count on Konica Minolta and the AU-204H magnetic card reader to keep your documents safe and secure.


Prism DocAudit
Prism DocAudit locks away your confidential information, whether its copy, print, scan, fax and/or email on Konica Minolta bizhub MFP devices. A complete and secure print audit software, DocAudit is a text-searchable audit record that keeps confidential documents under wraps.
Prism DocAudit deters ill-intentioned individuals from distributing secure data to unauthorized persons through a Konica Minolta bizhub MFP. If a security breach occurs, then information such as who, what, when, and where the breach occurred is quickly identified by DocAudit.

DocAudit does this by creating a secure audit trail and records all user activities on the bizhub MFP. Each bizhub outputs a PDF and data file of its activity, and DocAudit takes that PDF, performs OCR (optical character recognition), and then creates a PDF that is fully text-searchable.

DocAudit then archives this text, PDF, and data file into a database that’s secure and fully searchable. This complete transaction record also includes a log of the user and machine information.

Only permitted users may access this 3-part data set, as well as perform detailed full-text searches and view records anywhere they choose:


Proximity Card Authentication
The AU-201H is an HID proximity card reader which connects directly to the MFP and works in conjunction with the machine's internal authentication capabilities or integrates with Konica Minolta's Page Scope Enterprise Suite, Konica Minolta exclusive bEST Equitrac Office, and Equitrac Express integrated solutions.
The proximity card authentication device (AU-201H) connects directly to the USB port of our workgroup multifunction printers, allowing users to use their HID card to authenticate them before copying, faxing, scanning or releasing sensitive print information.

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