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Konica Minolta Applications / Variable Data Printing

You can count on Konica Minolta to improve your image and personalize your customer communications using variable data printing software. These powerful software applications merge data with customized electronic forms for efficient, economical printing -- including letters, invoices announcements, direct mail flyers and much more.

Please Select a Variable Data Printing Application

  • Planet Press Suite
  • PrintShop Mail
  • PRISM deskForm
  • PRISM DocForm
  • TypeHaus FormJet

Planet Press Suite

Planet Press Suite is a comprehensive solution for variable data printing -- allowing you to replace preprinted forms with one-to-one marketing and communications documents through a user-friendly interface and simple drag-and-drop importing of information.


PlanetPress Suite is a powerful, variable database printing software that lets you replace pre-printed forms running on legacy and impact printing equipment. Since it's from Konica Minolta you know you can count on a user-friendly interface that allows simple drag-and-drop importing of variable database information.

  • Wizards let you include data driven barcodes and business graphs and you    can print, archive, Email and fax simultaneously and automatically with no    change to your host system.

  • PlanetPress Suite powers up your Konica Minolta printers for printing a    wide variety of applications across all industries: one-to-one marketing,    multi-part business forms, billing and statements, green-bar reports, grade    reports, barcode printing, high-speed mail merge jobs and more.

  • A modular variable database printing system that gives you all the working    tools you need at a price you can afford.

  • Documents can be designed to output what you need, where you need it and    in any format your application requires.

  • PlanetPress Suite in action: you can print an invoice and a personalized    cover letter at sales headquarters, add accounting copy from your accounts    receivable department, generate a packing slip and shipping label at your    warehouse and send an Email confirming the order -- all from the same data    stream you currently use to print invoices.


PrintShop Mail

PrintShop Mail can process variable data in any form, merging database information with stored text, layout and images to create personalized letters, brochures, order forms, direct-mail campaigns, serialized and one-to-one mailings that communicate more effectively.


PrintShop Mail can process variable data into any kind of print job, merging database information into your document layout to create customized mailings.  Integrating quickly and easily with any major design package, PrintShop Mail is extremely simple to use.

PrintShop Mail also allows you to create separate layout and database designs -- and by storing layout and images on your printer RAM, you can print at the full rated speed of any Konica Minolta PostScript printer/copier.

  • Efficiently customizes form letters, direct mail pieces, sales flyers and price lists for a consistent graphic feel on all your business communications and marketing materials.

  • Lets you create separate layout and database designs before they are integrated into your print document output.

  • Saves time and cost by maximizing throughput -- eliminating the need to RIP each graphic and layout for every page you print.

  • Compatible with both PC and Mac computers as well as all color and B&W PostScript printers.

  • Provides drag-and-drop functionality, instant preview of completed documents before printing, allows fast reprinting and remote printing


PRISM deskForm

PRISM deskForm software is the first all-in-one cross-channel solution for all types of print and electronic communication -- allowing you to reach your customers more quickly and cost-effectively in whichever media will draw the highest rate of response, including flyers, billing inserts, e-mail messages, personalized web pages, SharePoint posts and much more.


At the heart of deskForm is a powerful, yet very easy to use, print creation interface. Create all types of print documents: transactional (statements, invoices, billings, etc.), promotional (ads, postcards, flyers, etc.), and transpromo (transactional with advertising and/or marketing messages. deskForm is simply the most powerful and best value personalized communication application on the market.

deskForm easily creates so much more.  You can also:

  • Create and send personalized web landing pages or URLs (PURLs)

  • Send HTML email messages

  • Send SMS text messages for phones

  • Create electronic document outputs such as TIFF, JPEG, PDFs, and Word documents such as .doc and .docx

  • Send electronic document output to Microsoft SharePoint

  • Create personalized electronic PDF documents that attached to an HTML email or are accessible through an embedded link in the HTML email

  • Send electronic document and indexing information to Prism's DocRecord document management application or to third-party document management applications

  • Access a fully embedded and integrated postal certification engine within deskForm (an extra cost module). Postal certification modules are available for the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

  • Access DirectSmile┬« directly from deskForm



Count on PRISM DocForm for creating powerful, personalized print documents and eDocuments to suit a wide range of communications and marketing needs -- combining text, graphics and data along with names and addresses, logos, discount coupons, barcodes, web links and more.

PRISM DocForm helps you merge data sources to create flexible, full-color print documents and eDocuments of all types to suit a wide range of communications needs. You can count on Konica Minolta and PRISM DocForm to help you dynamically merge data sources, both variable and static, such as names, addresses, text, photos, logos, images, customized messages, discount coupons, barcodes, calculations, web links and more.

  • Produces print document and eDocument output with personalized messages that communicate more effectively.

  • Merges data sources from multiple locations: databases, flat files, print streams, data streams, ERP and CRM programs, the web and third-party applications.

  • Accepts XML input, outputs XML, accepts mobile/remote data input from both Tablet PCs and signature pads.

  • Can store static data on your printer and merge variable data to optimize print speed and minimize network traffic.

  • Lets you print to any device on your network, giving you a powerful tool for distributed document printing across the hall or around the world.



TypeHaus FormJet
TypeHaus FormJet is a powerful electronics forms solution that eliminates the need for dot-matrix printers and costly preprinted forms. It sits between your printer and your network, automatically interfacing with your printer -- and lets you output a multitude of e-forms with greater versatility and stronger visual appeal.

TypeHaus FormJet is simple to deploy and delivered ready to run, without the inconvenient learning curve of third-party forms software. Available as FormJet Pro, a compact inline network device, and FormJet Enterprise, a compact PC-based server, both solutions meet the forms printing needs of businesses and organizations large and small -- enabling your current print system to take advantage of the latest e-form printing technologies to save time and money.

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