2016: The Year the Cloud Goes Personal for Business

January 19, 2016

Pegley (2)

It seems the past few years have all been proclaimed “The Year of the Cloud.”

It’s no surprise that the functionality provided by cloud services has grown increasingly important to individuals, and such services — like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and mobile banking — have gained increasing market share. In their personal lives, people have grown accustomed to accessing their data and files wherever they may be, and have even started to take the convenience and reliability of the cloud for granted.

Now we believe that 2016 is looking to be the year where enterprises will finally recognize this and we’ll see the cloud go personal for business.

A study by Harris Interactive shows that more than 39% of consumers say they use the cloud, and a larger percentage of users likely used a service that relies on the cloud without realizing it. However, recent studies have shown businesses transitioning to the cloud are saving more than 15 percent on IT spending, as well as up to 48 percent overall business cost reductions, so it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are doing so.

While many businesses have started transitioning to the cloud, to date this has mainly been for servers and business applications. The employees’ desktop or laptop has gone largely untouched, and it is still the device the user truly needs in order to do their job. Companies are starting to see the value, both in convenience and productivity, in having a desktop environment become truly portable.

Businesses now also recognize that the flexibility and device independence that users get from the cloud in their personal lives can be delivered through business cloud services as well. They appreciate the value of employees being able to have work files accessible from any location and any device; of having a truly mobile desktop. Fears of loss of data from fire or physical theft are removed, potentially saving businesses extensive amounts of money. Employees also love the flexibility that being in the cloud gives them.

At All Covered, we’ve already started helping businesses transition to the cloud all the way to the desktop and have seen businesses benefit from it. If security is robust from the very beginning, cloud for business use can be an extraordinary success.

Nick Pegley
Senior Vice President, Channel Sales Engagement

Nick is responsible for global go-to-market strategies for the Konica Minolta Digital Workplace business unit, with a primary focus on the innovative new Workplace Hub portfolio. His team builds new business strategies and channel models to be able to bring solutions to a broad range of customer types, to help them simplify their IT. Nick is focused on helping companies achieve their business goals through better management of information and more effective collaboration. Nick has lived and worked in the UK, Switzerland, France and the US.