A Partnership With A Wealth Of Knowledge

February 26, 2019

All Covered joined ICBA as a Preferred Service Provider to give its members the opportunity to secure and maintain regulatory compliance while implementing security measures to mitigate cyber threats. And while we can provide services that these members need in order to make their businesses function better, we also look to build new solutions based on community banking pain points.ICBA receives constant feedback from their members, not only about their service providers like us, but also about their needs. It’s through this relationship that ICBA can turn to All Covered and Konica Minolta with an idea to build a solution based on a real want and need from their members.

From the information they obtain through their members and the experience in the banking industry, ICBA provides great insight into the latest trends.  For example, Alan Nevels, senior vice president of Card Risk and Merchant Service at ICBA Bancard recently posted a blog about the adoption of biometrics. While this isn’t breaking news – it’s helpful to read the advice given to bankers on adoption and understand what’s on their radar for the future.

Additionally, ICBA regularly shares intel about potential vulnerabilities. Phishing scams are top of mind for everyone, but the way they detail how it can affect a place of finance is particularly jarring for their members.  And by working with the organization we can help provide solutions that banks need to help keep their data safe.

ICBA helps us to better understand where our financial community has the greatest concerns and where their future is going, so we can join them there.

Konica Minolta and All Covered IT Services will be joining the ICBA LIVE event March 18 – 22 in Nashville, Tennessee. This event is particularly crucial to the community because ICBA will host lectures about raising the community banker voice for advocacy, host innovators like us in the space, and cultivate a couple of days around the very latest in the industry.  We are proud to be exhibiting our latest solutions and services there!

Interested in learning more about how All Covered IT Services helps financial institutions stay secure and grow?  Click here!

Brittany Rodriguez
Marketing Specialist

Brittany Rodriguez manages the finance and education marketing strategies for Konica Minolta Business Solutions and All Covered IT services. Brittany has worked in marketing for her entire career, but the past 4 years she has focused on content marketing and has a true passion for writing. She holds a degree in English and a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing in Education.