Rethink Color with the IQ-501 from Konica Minolta

September 2, 2019

Prior to my tenure at Konica Minolta, I worked in the graphic arts business, where I nurtured a deep love of color and design. Since joining the Konica Minolta team, I now have a deeper understanding of the science behind color; the intricacies involved when managing color from screen to press; and why color quality is so vital to a production printer’s success.

Rethink Color

For years, offset printing was the standard for color quality. The output of a toner-based press was always compared to offset quality, especially when it came to color matching and consistency. Today, most high-end dry toner presses can produce a wider color gamut with stunning quality that rivals even the best offset press. Dry toner-based printing presses, however, often still suffer from some of the same color management issues, such as:

  • Inconsistent color from print to print
  • Difficulty matching Pantone solid colors
  • Lengthy press color calibration times

With that in mind, the talented engineers at Konica Minolta developed the perfect solution to automate color and image control: the IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer. This in-line, closed-loop quality control system ensures that color stays consistent in every run, from the first print to the last. The system automatically handles front-to-back registration for duplexing and runs at the press-rated speed without operator intervention. There is no need to manually measure output to see if your deliverables are still on target.

Image of the AccurioPress C3080
The AccurioPress C3080

Save Time and Money

Field tests have shown that it takes only 15 minutes for the IQ-501 to automatically adjust gamma, balance density, run G7 calibration, and match front-to-back registration, all at the push of a button. A highly skilled digital press operator would need a minimum of 45 minutes and a spectrophotometer to do the same. And when paired with an AccurioPress, the IQ-501 can lead to greater profit by:

  • Automating color and registration maintenance
  • Eliminating the need for time-consuming color management by highly trained employees
  • Increasing sellable printed output
  • Expanding productivity and uptime


Achieve Consistent Results

Repeat customers rely on their vendor partners to match color from project to project. Graphic elements, such as corporate logos or color-sensitive product photos, must be the same from run to run. Reorders of collateral have to be identical in color to the original. That’s what your clients expect. When absolute color fidelity is needed, the IQ-501 delivers, ensuring your services live up to those expectations.

Find Out More

To learn more about the IQ-501 and how it can boost your print productivity, visit the product page, on our website or contact one of our production print specialists.

Lisa Salerno
Product Marketing Manager for Production Print

Lisa Salerno is a Product Marketing Manager for Production Print and a certified G7 Expert with over 20 years of experience in graphic communications and industrial print. She has launched numerous Konica Minolta products, focusing on color production print products for the last four years. Prior to her position at Konica Minolta, Lisa worked as a graphic artist holding positions in commercial printing, publishing, and graphic design studios.