Building Momentum and Strategic Growth

June 17, 2015

acquisition cloud

The recent acquisition of SymQuest Group continues an important business strategy at Konica Minolta.

By joining our family, SymQuest Group further transforms us as a technology leader with strength in the IT services and office automation sectors. This is another important step in our overall strategy to aggressively grow our core business while continuing to expand our IT services, solutions and ECM business, in essence the Konica Minolta brand.

With this and all of our acquisitions, we are continuing on a course to strategically expand our presence in targeted geographic markets. We continue to enhance our capabilities, bringing our award-winning line-up of products, applications and services to an increasingly diverse and expanded customer base across the country.

Through each acquisition, we add incredibly gifted employees to our talent pool, expanding our number of in-house experts. A key to success for any acquisition is that our new teammates immediately feel valued. If that is achieved, then business synergy will follow. This has been demonstrated time and again over these four years, as we welcome colleagues from other companies to the Konica Minolta family, creating an 8,000-strong industry-leading technology company. This growth and expansion also has the potential to open new doors to professional opportunities for all of our current employees.

Our strategy is to be acknowledged by our customers as a leader, utilizing innovative technology, quality services and unique solutions to add unmatched value to the global society. As part of this strategy, we will continue to seek truly innovative companies with superior leadership teams that we can invest in to accelerate growth in local markets. Aligning with companies that believe in our vision and values is a winning proposition for all.

These are truly exciting times to be part of Konica Minolta.

Tom Taiko
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Tom Taiko is responsible for business development and domain expansion as Konica Minolta continues the expansion of its IT Services and software business.