Top Solutions for Capturing Patient Information

December 19, 2013

Imagine a family practice office on a Monday morning with every seat in the waiting room full, and three people waiting at the check-in window.  Contrast that to an Emergency Room at a community hospital on a Friday night with 40-50 patients waiting to be admitted.  Each scenario is very different, but they have a few things in common – busy staff, anxious patients, and a challenging document workflow.  Add to that the necessity to correctly and quickly capture patient information and clinical notes in order to satisfy billing requirements and regulatory compliance while maintaining the privacy and security of the patient.

These are typical situations in today’s healthcare environment and are complicated by the fact that electronic health records (EHR) are changing the way clinicians do business.  Perhaps the biggest challenge for a healthcare provider is how to capture all of the paper documents associated with a patient visit or encounter.

Luckily there are a number of excellent solutions on the market to help doctor offices, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers overcome these challenges and improve document capture efficiencies. Below are a few of the top software solutions that are ideal for the unique needs of ambulatory and acute care settings. Equally important, these solutions are all part of the Konica Minolta’s EnvisionIT Healthcare portfolio which also includes IT Services, professional services, hardware and support, all under a single platform.

Nuance eCopy ShareScan for Healthcare transforms Konica Minolta bizhub MFPs into tightly integrated and secure EHR scanning devices, accelerating access to patient data and making the patient record more complete.  It is positioned for both acute and larger ambulatory care providers and includes tight connectivity to EHRs through HL7 integration for quick and accurate scan and capture of patient records.

Inofile ChartMD provides ambulatory care providers with an intuitive and integrated ability to quickly and efficiently scan documents into their EHR.  ChartMD is designed specifically for physician practices and ancillary care providers and is delivered as a bundled solution on Fujitsu network scanners perfect for busy registration desks or nurse’s stations.  ChartMD creates structure out of your unstructured data, and completes the patient picture for rapid chart completion and immediate access to critical patient information.

NSi AutoStore offers an integrated scan/capture solution for larger ambulatory providers and hospitals and includes workflow used to automate manual and insecure processes, such as faxing scripts to internal pharmacies. AutoStore includes pre-configured contacts ensuring orders go only to appropriate recipients, documents security and audit trails ensuring HIPAA compliance, and improves productivity.  AutoStore for MD also provides a scanning on-ramp for smaller practices that have not yet adopted EHR.

If you haven’t already considered these solutions, they are worth checking out and evaluating whether they are right for your healthcare organization.  Or contact Konica Minolta for more information on our EnvisionIT Healthcare offering.

Joe Cisna, MBA, MHA
Director, Healthcare Solutions

Joe Cisna manages the healthcare strategy for Konica Minolta Business Solutions and has more than 18 years of healthcare provider and payer sales and marketing experience in electronic health records and medical cost containment services. He is responsible for supporting the Direct and Dealer Sales Channels with marketing, training and sales enablement tools and initiatives to drive healthcare solutions for our customers. Joe holds an MBA and a Masters’ in Healthcare Administration and is a Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP). He loves to run and play guitar, but not at the same time.