Creating efficiency for Legal customers

February 25, 2015


We’ve always created solutions targeted to distinct customer segments. From graphic communications to healthcare and education, our portfolios give our customers specifically designed products and services that uniquely meet their needs.

Nowhere is this philosophy more customized than in the legal industry. Together with our hardware technology, our legal clients also get best-in-class software, services and solutions via Konica Minolta Business Solutions and our All Covered IT Services subsidiary.

The Legal profession is unique in that documents are its lifeblood, with law firms generating up to 60 percent more print volume than similar-size companies in other industries. Nearly 97 percent of law firms maintain hardcopy files of relevant paperwork. At the same time, law offices and courts continue to carry out document redaction and management largely by traditional means.

Law firms need multifunctional devices that can actually help speed up tedious work processes. By working directly with our Legal customers and responding to their business challenges, we have designed a multifunctional system that is customizable, adapting to the daily work routines in a law office, thus creating a unique user experience while saving time for legal professionals and allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks. With key legal-specific functions shown directly on the operating panel, users have ease and speed of work through an integrated user interface. The bizhub LEGAL offers the potential to enhance the efficiency and ease of use of legal workflows while ensuring compliance, professional standards, corporate governance requirements and upgraded security.

A networked multifunctional device is a gateway to the Internet, handling sensitive client information day after day. Therefore, the legal industry demands a device it can trust. The bizhub LEGAL complies with the most stringent data security requirements since it complies with EAL3 Common Criteria (ISO 15408/IEEE 2600.1). It includes our award-winning bizhub SECURE value-added security service, which enables locked passwords to prevent unauthorized access to the system’s hard disk. bizhub SECURE also provides an additional layer of advanced hard drive encryption that protects the entire hard disk, so that data will not be compromised even if it is removed and installed elsewhere.

With bizhub LEGAL, our clients have more time to concentrate on their clients because their document management needs are optimized. We believe that new ways of working can make your business future-proof and allow you to concentrate on what you do best: providing the best possible legal advice and winning cases.

Chris Bilello
Vice President, Solutions and Vertical Market Business Development

Chris Bilello facilitates product and solution sales to key government and major accounts, develops the company’s vertical market solutions strategy and manages Konica Minolta’s strategic partner alliances.