Dispatcher Phoenix 6.0 Can Fit Any Size Business

October 11, 2016


One size doesn’t fit all. I think that’s something that everyone can agree upon. And that becomes really apparent in the business world where companies operate based on scale, with their resources, strategies and requirements varying depending on size. The needs of a small firm will always be very different from that of a large business. I saw that firsthand when I worked for a major international business company with hundreds of thousands of employees and then moved to a privately-owned engineering firm that employed 30 people. Those two experiences couldn’t have been more dissimilar for me. I went from being in a department of 80 to being the only person on staff responsible for all getting accomplished!

I thought of my own work experience when Dispatcher Phoenix 6.0 was released earlier this summer. Since its original launch, Dispatcher Phoenix, Konica Minolta’s advanced document workflow application, has won numerous awards and developed a loyal, strong and constantly growing customer base. However, it has been traditionally positioned in small-to-medium sized businesses where a single installation of Dispatcher Phoenix was able to handle the workload.

But what about large-scale organizations that have thousands of users and hundreds of devices? Their workflow needs may be simple enough (file conversion and routing, etc.), but in an enterprise-level organization, other requirements become critical, including maximum uptime. Since unplanned outages could be disastrous, systems must be put in place to ensure availability at all times. And optimal performance is just as important. To speed processing time, multiple servers should be available to handle the workload.

Now, with the release of Version 6.0, Dispatcher Phoenix has grown to also meet the needs of enterprise-level businesses. This new release includes a new web user interface, Dispatcher Phoenix Web, which provides administrators with direct access to tools for managing/controlling their workflows and servers from one centralized location. From the web, administrators can start, stop and pause workflows as well as share workflows with specific users in Active Directory. Dispatcher Phoenix Web also provides administrators with an easy way to join servers together to form a high availability system for failover, load balancing and offloading.

Dispatcher Phoenix automated failover capabilities ensure that if one server goes down unexpectedly, all workflow functions continue to run on the failover server, eliminating the possibility of downtime. This continuous operation is maintained through the use of heartbeat monitoring between servers.

Document processing tasks can also be spread across multiple servers. This capability, known as load balancing, prevents bottlenecks and speeds processing time. In addition, administrators can set up the system to offload processor-intensive workflows and traffic to individual servers, maximizing productivity.

Dispatcher Phoenix also offers something that other similar third-party solutions don’t: a truly automated solution for the enterprise. Instead of forcing you to manually configure and copy your workflows to each server, Dispatcher Phoenix automatically synchronizes and replicates workflows between all servers.

Just as I was able to adapt when working for different-sized companies, Dispatcher Phoenix is now able to seamlessly fit into small, medium and enterprise-level businesses across every industry, including healthcare, legal, education, finance, government, etc. With its advanced capture and processing capabilities, easy-to-use Workflow Builder Tool, new web user interface and critical features to ensure high availability, Dispatcher Phoenix can optimize businesses processes and maximize productivity for any organization.

Konica Minolta

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