How Can ECM Solutions Provide Speedy Public Record Request Fulfillment?

May 29, 2019

Many county and city clerks embrace technology to deliver paperless agendas and virtual conference options. But with increased public record review requests and a limited number of staff members – it becomes challenging to meet the growing needs while using an antiquated process.

The mismatch between the increasing number of requests and staff availability isn’t the only barrier a clerk faces. Unlike records management, a record request can ask for just about anything. Hunting down paper documents from multiple departments, locations and file cabinets puts a burden on government staff and leads to lengthy fulfillment cycles.

When you add up these challenges, it’s clear that clerks can’t meet request deadlines and responsibilities to fulfill all the requests. The only reasonable course for clerks is to implement and utilize technology that addresses these challenges and restores control to the individuals who have this legal obligation.

Konica Minolta’s enterprise content management (ECM) solution helps to alleviate the above challenges. Konica Minolta ECM combines capture options, automation and reporting, and works as a central repository for records in a single package. It provides all of the features that your city/county clerk needs, including:

Instant capture

Ensure all documents and records are captured and stored immediately upon creation through scanning, electronic forms or archiving emails and attachments.

One single, central and electronic location to store records

By providing a central location to store records, staff saves time as they no longer are digging through filing cabinets or offsite storage sites. Now they can search for records electronically using keyword and full-text searches. With a central repository, employees have the ability to do a complete search of a full document list in order to complete the request.

Move requests online and automate the process

Today’s constituents expect speedy fulfillment of requests and to be able to conduct those requests online. By moving to a web submission process, requests are never lost, are instantly routed for attention, and are tracked via electronic workflow management.

Use of reporting dashboards

Once automated – organizations can identify bottlenecks, allowing better management of tasks and reasons for slow fulfillment.

Access to public records is a cornerstone of an open, transparent government and the Konica Minolta Public Records Request solution provides organizations with the tools needed to quickly complete records’ requests so they can successfully fulfill legal obligations.

Please take a look at our ECM Customer Testimonial – Clark County Office of the Clerk to learn more about how Konica Minolta is helping organizations easily maintain their records management.

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