Five Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing an Enterprise Content Management Solution

March 15, 2016

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When it comes time to implement your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, there are some areas in which we see many businesses make mistakes. Making the transition to your ECM solution should be a smooth, well-planned process minus any headaches. Don’t fall prey to the following five mistakes that are commonly made which will only make the transition more challenging than necessary.

1. Disorganization

Businesses often choose to implement a paperless ECM solution because of business inefficiencies, compliance requirements, cost reductions or storage issues. But these solutions aren’t implemented overnight. They take structured, step-by-step planning and realistic timelines. Failing to do so will likely result in inconvenient disruptions in your business’s operations. Take the time to work with your solution provider to develop an organized clear roadmap for your solution. Be sure to involve your staff in both the requirements definition and the future state of a proposed solution.

2. Not Investing In a Quality Scanner

There are certain tools that you shouldn’t skimp on with an ECM solution. Investing in a quality scanner equipped with optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities will allow you to take full advantage of everything a paperless solution has to offer. Without a quality scanner, you run the risk of scanning documents into unsearchable or unreadable formats — and that simply won’t work. Additionally, if you’re automating a transactional business process (i.e., accounts payable), you’ll have the volume to justify a scanner and the scanning will not tie up an existing device (i.e., an MFP).

3. No Disaster Recovery Plan

While a paperless ECM solution will do wonders to streamline a business’s operations, it’s wise to remember to back up any digital content — just in case. Backing up all of your data is key to ensuring a sound disaster recovery plan. Without a quality back-up plan, you risk losing important data that your business needs to operate.

4. Not Offering Cloud-Based Access

Let’s be honest, more and more people are beginning to utilize their mobile devices more often to get their work done. Your business should consider this when shopping around for a paperless solution. It’s wise to invest in one that offers reliable and secure cloud-based access. A successful ECM solution will support anywhere, anytime access to the content.

5. Poor Data Security

Any implemented ECM solution needs to follow proper governance standards and financial regulatory requirements that are tied to various laws, including HIPAA and SEC. These laws require any digital records to be readily accessed when needed and require that proper security measures be taken to ensure that access to your sensitive information is controlled.

Your implementation process for your ECM solution will be smooth if you avoid these common mistakes. Just set realistic expectations, invest in good scanners, hash out a document recovery plan, implement cloud access and take proper security measures.

Les Walker
President, Enterprise Content Management

Les Walker is responsible for the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) group. Konica Minolta’s ECM practice helps organizations achieve business efficiencies and cost savings through the better management of business content and the automation of workflow processes. He also directs Konica Minolta’s ECM acquisition strategy.