G7 Certification Across Offset and Digital Technologies

April 24, 2014

Successful marketers understand that choosing the right color for your brand, logo, packaging and printed materials can influence customers. Studies show that color is a factor in how customers perceive brands and what products they purchase. It’s no wonder that color accuracy and consistency are always on the minds of commercial printers.

Not all color is created equal and commercial printers know that color consistency between systems can vary. The challenge for commercial printers is being able to guarantee their customers accurate color every time while offering the highest quality product at competitive pricing.

To address this, more of our customers are becoming G7 certified across both offset and digital press technologies. This is exactly what Hopkins Printing, one of the largest commercial printing companies in Central Ohio with over $20 million in sales, has done. Leveraging the bizhub PRESS C8000 Color Digital Presses (the first digital press to receive the IDEAlliance® Digital Press Certification), the company extended its offset G7 certification to digital technologies. The result is 100 percent color accuracy and consistency for its customers each and every time.

Ensuring color accuracy across technologies also provides many operational benefits. Hopkins Printing now has more flexibility to run jobs on multiple pieces of equipment to improve efficiencies. Using an automated print production and management solution, Hopkins can plan and estimate the cost of running jobs through its offset or digital presses. Exact color consistency across all technologies means that Hopkins has the ability to run both short and long-run print jobs across both offset and digital presses.

According to Jim Hopkins, CEO and president of Hopkins Printing, “as a commercial printer, it’s a compelling advantage to be able to use multiple pieces of equipment for one project without sacrificing color quality. It helps reduce costs for the customer and keeps us competitive in the marketplace.”

From a customer and operational standpoint, G7 certification just makes sense.

Dawn Nye
Marketing Manager, Production Print Solutions and Services

Dawn Nye is responsible for Production Print solutions and services. Her main objective is to understand customers’ needs to solve real-world problems and create a seamless integration of solutions, services and hardware. Dawn has received a Gold Key Award from the International Graphic Arts Honor Society. When not at work, “Captain Dawn” lives aboard the Toska (Lakota for “See Ya”) and sails the East Coast.