How ECM Can Help Accomplish Digital Transformation

December 13, 2016

ecm_dtThe world is changing and so is the way we all work. Businesses today are challenged to find new ways to streamline processes and enhance experiences for both staff and customers. Competitive pressures mean businesses must become more efficient, agile and responsive and, at the same time, ensure compliance with standards for governance and security.

As Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” This quote can be transferred to companies as well, which means that companies are successful if they adapt to their constantly changing circumstances: New customer requirements (both internal and external), changing market situations or new regulatory standards which might have an impact on the company and its organization.

Gartner defines digital transformation as “the dynamic orchestration of human, machine and information resource interaction to deliver optimal business outcomes in a strategic and prioritized manner.” True transformation is about doing things differently, NOT about doing different things. Organizations that pursue this avenue tend to be organizations that are constantly looking at their business and looking at ways to stay ahead of the competition.  They think outside of the box to disrupt the rules of the game.

The benefits of Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management disrupts the rules of business. ECM helps organizations achieve the overall goal of improving daily work and reducing costs by forcing companies to evaluate their business strategy and key business processes. With enterprise content management, companies work faster and smarter by managing content more efficiently. ECM transforms the way they create, manage, use and optimize content across its full life cycle, within the organization and externally with customers.

ECM offers benefits across the organization, as companies strive to transform their business:

  • Management’s burden on day-to-day tasks can be reduced
  • Insight and visibility into key business processes
  • Eliminate paper-based processes to shortened cycle times
  • Process handling can be improved and often automated
  • Information flow is improved and collaboration is enabled
  • Interdependence are clarified and refined
  • Time for strategic work is gained
  • Tasks and responsibilities are defined
  • Seamless integration with line of business applications
  • Transformation for staff and end users can lead to more satisfied customers and productive employees.
  • Mobile access to business information for today’s mobile workforce

Konica Minolta can help businesses transform into the workplace of the future. Our ECM services and solutions offer benefits to our customers, allowing them to better capture, retrieve and retain data. With digital content all in one place – whether on premise or offsite – organizations benefit from tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly into daily business processes. The flow of information is accelerated. Staff productivity is increased. Costs from processes are reduced. All business processes are significantly improved.

By working directly with businesses to understand their strategic needs, processes, content and technology, our highly skilled ECM consultants and professional services team develop, deploy and support the bespoke solutions necessary to address each organization’s specific needs.

This is the very definition of digital transformation.

Hugo Palacios
Director, Enterprise Content Management

Hugo Palacios is responsible for four key areas, Governance, Marketing, Key Strategies and Operational Control for the company’s ECM practice. He also supports Konica Minolta’s Global Transformation Initiatives and is a key contributor to our Global Managed Content Services and ECM Business strategies. In his spare time, Hugo devotes his weekends to driving, cheering and supporting his daughters, who compete in field hockey, lacrosse and basketball club sports.