Improving Your Law Firm with Dispatcher Phoenix Legal

April 4, 2017

Lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals go to work each day to address vital issues for their clients. It’s critical that law firms use innovative and advanced solutions to maximize their practice’s productivity.

That’s why we developed Dispatcher Phoenix Legal, our award-winning document workflow application. This legal records management system specifically designed to streamline the processing of case files, affidavits, subpoenas and other legal documents. Dispatcher Phoenix Legal helps our customers with the document-processing challenges that they face every day, driving efficiencies and allowing attorneys to focus on what they do best – the practice of law.

Casner & Edwards, the law firm that was highlighted in a customer success story and blog, used Dispatcher Phoenix to speed their printing process. But that’s not the only way that legal professionals can take advantage of the advanced processing features of Dispatcher Phoenix to work more quickly and accurately.

Now, tedious document-processing tasks that are often done manually can be automated. Instead of wasting too many resources to Bates stamp documents, law firms can use Dispatcher Phoenix Legal to automatically place multiple Bates stamps anywhere on the page, shrink or shift page content, format the stamps, and much more. Similarly, Dispatcher Phoenix Legal’s automated redaction feature allows law firms to quickly and permanently cover up sensitive information from client files– eliminating the need to pay someone to redact each page using a special marker or cover-up tape.

This process and document automation not only saves time but reduces the possibility of errors. One of our legal customers needed to follow strict file size guidelines when filing court documents in their jurisdiction, a typical requirement in e-filing. But manually separating documents was a time-consuming task that involved a lot of guesswork. By using Dispatcher Phoenix Legal, their files were automatically split into separate documents based on a predefined size and then emailed to the correct court – automatically and in a single step!

Most law firms scan their documents to PDF format that is image-only, and this conversion makes the text in the file non-searchable. For e-discovery purposes, information in scanned files must be readily available. Dispatcher Phoenix Legal’s PDF file conversion feature gives law firms the tools they need to convert files to PDF searchable format for keyword searching as well as PDF/A for archiving – an important consideration for most legal organizations.

And that’s not all. For organizations or firms that use a document management system to store their legal documents, Dispatcher Phoenix provides direct connectors to some of the top document management systems in the legal market space today, including Worldox and Workshare. With these connectors, paralegals and other staff can log into Worldox or Workshare directly at the multifunction printer to enter keywords and choose the appropriate destination for their case files before scanning.

Tracking, processing, and storing legal documents takes up a lot of valuable time and resources in law firms throughout the country. With Dispatcher Phoenix Legal, Konica Minolta gives our legal customers a powerful and advanced solution that helps them streamline the handling of their legal documents.

Just another reason why law firms turn to Konica Minolta as their technology provider. To learn more about our technology for lawyers, subscribe to our Legal TV YouTube channel.

Catherine Brill
Product Manager, SEC Solutions

Catherine Brill is the Product Manager for Konica Minolta’s Solutions Engineering Center (SEC), responsible for planning for and promoting the launch of SEC-developed applications and releases, including Dispatcher Phoenix. She enjoys reading and writing short stories in her spare time.