Extending Content Management To The Back Office To Increase Efficiency

July 30, 2018

There are many different factors that need to be carefully considered and evaluated when choosing the right Content Management (CN) solution to fit your organization. One of the main things to consider is having an ECM platform that will integrate with your current ERP/legacy systems/line of business applications, and any other systems in your IT environment. Integration is key to a successful ECM adoption within your organization. It will cut down on training costs and will let people work from the systems they are familiar and comfortable with already.

Another aspect that will help your ECM project and implementation go smoothly is to establish a corporate culture of excitement with respect to your transition from paper processes to electronic. Putting together a team of people from different levels within your organization to design a solution that takes into consideration all of the specific challenges throughout the organization will help you get the most out of your solution.

The foundation of an organization’s business processes often lies in the hands of departments such as Human Resources (HR) and Accounts Payable (AP). These departments maintain the groundworks of operations, including hiring new workers, maintaining compliance records, recording data, background checks and covering all aspects of billing and payment processing. These departments essentially make sure the people and the funding in an organization run smoothly so customer service levels can remain high.

Content management (CM) software can not only help an organization’s existing solutions such as GIS, asset management or case management software, but can also fill in the gaps in administrative services, like those caused by lost HR or AP positions. The value of CM software is even greater than its role in assisting with the mission of the agency; the benefits of CM software also include cost reduction, and improved efficiency and transparency.

If you want to find out how ECM can help improve your back office processes then contact us and we would be glad to chat!

Joanne Novak
Category Marketing Manager - DX

Joanne recently added digital transformation (DX) product responsibilities to her work as Product Marketing Manager-DX, with a renewed focus on VSS and Workplace Solutions. She provides strategic insight and SME direction, working closely with corporate marketing as well as providing a focus on the needs of the DX product portfolio. Previously, as a Program Manager, she was responsible for program development with Konica Minolta’s Business Intelligence (BIS) groups (e.g., Intelligent Information Management, Video Security Solutions (VSS)) building sales and customer-facing educational and thought-leadership insights as well as strategic initiatives. Prior to Konica Minolta, Joanne worked in a marketing and product management capacity in various industries including financial software, employee benefits, marketing consulting, footwear and textiles. She graduated from Tufts University with a BA in Economics, and earned an MBA in Marketing from the University of Michigan. Joanne is an avid rail-trail cyclist and looks forward to yoga classes each week.