Konica Minolta Surpasses Customer Service Expectations

November 22, 2016

image_cxCustomers are smarter than ever.  Advancing technology has put more and more information at their fingertips and they know what they want!

It is Konica Minolta’s mission to give them what they want and more. Our pledge goes beyond delivering the best products in the industry. Our pledge is also to deliver the best customer experience in the industry.

To that end, we believe that our relationship with each customer starts long before they buy our products. Our relationship starts with each interaction that a person has with us. Whether online, on the phone or in person, we want that experience to be successful. Our goal is to support the business needs of each potential customer and surpass their expectations.

Then, our relationship doesn’t stop when the products and services are delivered and installed. We want to earn customer loyalty every step of the journey by providing a world-class experience.

To measure that experience, annual customer surveys allow us to take the pulse of the relationship at one point in time and to learn if we are meeting each customer’s needs.

Our 2016 annual survey results show that we are – and then some.

  • Net Promoter Score up +35% – The Net Promoter Score measures customer loyalty by asking how likely the survey respondent is to recommend a company to a colleague or friend. Our NPS rating means that our customers are loyal and are talking us up to their associates. But, ultimately, it means that they value the partnership we have forged with them.
  • Customer Satisfaction up 3% – This shows how well a company delivered on promises versus the customer’s expectations. This means that not only are we providing best-in-class products, but also best-in-class service and support after each sale to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Customer Effort is up 4% – This measures the quality of brand interaction by asking customers how satisfied are they with the ease of doing business with a company. This means that our efforts to make every interaction easy and positive are working.


How are we able to satisfy our customers?  By listening to them and acting on what we learn. We have mapped the customer journey, we have undertaken surveys and have analyzed customer data to reveal where we need to improve.  And then we have acted on that information.

This year, we put a lot of focus on digital engagement.  Customers are smarter and internet savvy. They want to go online and research before buying. They want to go online and help themselves. To give them the tools to do that, we continue to enhance our web portals to make information easier to find, we are increasing self-service options, we have made more than 900 “How To” videos available, and we are developing mobile apps for easy device management.

Improving our business processes is just part of the equation.  We also hire and train the best people.  Our people are our greatest asset and are key to delivering exceptional service.  We foster excellence by holding true to our core values and by keeping our customers’ needs center to all we do.  Our frontline service employees – from truck drivers to call agents to service technicians – are all given extensive training to ensure every customer interaction is professional and successful.

Time and time again our true success is driven by our people. When we posed the question on our annual customer experience survey: “What else would you like to tell us?” our advocates often praise our employees and our partnership as trusted advisors .

These strong customer relationships and our customer-inspired culture will allow us to continue to shape the customer experience to be the best in the industry.

Melissa Prew
Customer Experience Manager

Melissa Prew is responsible for developing strategies to improve the Konica Minolta customer experience by gathering voice of the customer intelligence and recommending and leading change initiatives to facilitate a customer-centric cultural focus. She has over 15 years of marketing experience, specifically focused on marketing strategy, improving customer satisfaction, and customer research. She enjoys singing in a competitive a cappella chorus, hiking and reading.