At ISTE 2018, It’s All About the Student!

July 3, 2018

It has been our 7th year participating at the International Society for Technology in Education conference (ISTE) and 2018 did not disappoint!  While no single technology led the show this year, student learning and helping teachers be more effective was at the center of discussion.  This idea was further punctuated by keynote speaker David Eagleman, ( when he described the science behind learning. To paraphrase him, students have moved from “just in case learning” such as the history of a country you may need to know about, to “just in time learning,” like how to solve a math problem, which can be looked up instantly via technology.  For digital natives, otherwise known as today’s students, this is the norm.  And with that idea in mind, educators are on point to think and teach differently.  As he puts it, “the onus is on educators to meet their students half way.”

At Konica Minolta we couldn’t agree more which is why we are continually adding to our education solutions and products.  Meeting students halfway however, also requires thoughtful planning beyond just the classroom. With the many forms of technology and digital tools permeating the classroom and the school environment at large, our IT Services division, All Covered, joined us at ISTE to discuss everything from education infrastructure management mobility solutions and data privacy and security.

And because we believe school security and safety have become increasingly important, we were excited to share one of our newest solutions, the SchoolGate Guardian School Visitor Management solution. SchoolGate Guardian utilizes cutting-edge software and real-time identity cross-checking, helping schools manage visitors seamlessly – while significantly increasing the safety of all staff members and students. SchoolGate Guardian’s software quickly scans any state-issued ID or license, time stamps the visit, and automatically archives all details of the visit. Along with that our Classroom Guardian class door barrier system, can protect a class with a quick-to-install, spring loaded barrier that teachers can lock into a door mount.

This year we also showcased Dremel 3D printers with MyStemKits curriculum. These printers are designed to engage students as they witness their own computer-generated designs become tangible objects right before their eyes! This breakthrough technology allows K-12 educators to teach a wide range of subject matter interactively, delivering core academic knowledge while enhancing their students’ problem solving, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.

While this year’s ISTE show was incredibly inspiring, the road ahead for educators still has many challenges, including digital equity among schools, the evolving role of teachers and scaling innovations. That said, we are excited to continue to support schools and educators alike by providing innovative solutions that in the end enhance learning. Because teachers should be able to concentrate on their core competency- teaching.

Stephanie Keer
Manager, Government and Education Solutions

Stephanie Keer is responsible for Konica Minolta’s Education and Government vertical markets, focusing on solutions that improve efficiencies in education. She is a Professor at NYU and the Lead Researcher of Living Values Education Organization. She is an avid scuba diver and meditator.