Konica Minolta Puts Universal Accessibility at the Forefront

April 25, 2017

Imagine you walk up to the multifunction printer in your office, put your documents into the document feeder and hit the “Scan” and then the “Start” buttons. You then remove your original documents and head back to your desk.

Mission accomplished. An easy task, if you are able bodied. But for the millions of workers across the country and the world who have physical handicaps or special needs, performing the basic tasks of their job, like printing, can be difficult. At Konica Minolta, every worker having the ability to do their job, regardless of physical ability, is a critical concern.

That’s why Konica Minolta builds user accessibility into every product we create. From vision to product launch, we develop our products from the ground up with universal design in mind. This means accessibility for anyone, regardless of age, gender, stature or special need. This also means usability and that our products are comfortable to use and intuitive to operate.

For years, we’ve designed products that are easy to reach, simple to control, and logical in design and convenience. We’ve tested their usability with senior citizens and people who are wheelchair-enabled and vision-impaired, and, we’ve proven that we can empower individuals by providing all the accessibility and usability their needs demand.

Konica Minolta is committed to comply with the federal government technical standards for Section 508 (accessibility) by offering universal design for accessible document imaging and workplace management.. Universal design means taking a step beyond technology for its own sake, and our Universal Design Committee focuses on worldwide workplace accessibility standards for every user so that our products are designed to work the way you do.

By combining our universal design principles of accessibility and usability with innovations for simple handling and logical styling, we create bizhub® multifunction printer functions and controls that make documents easier to handle, information easier to share and technology easier to manage.

The control panels are logical, with intuitive commands and dedicated keys for the most commonly used functions. Panels tilt for greater visibility from any angle. Paper drawers load from the front and the handles can be gripped either from the top or bottom, with a smooth action that requires very little effort. Toner is easy to change, often without interrupting your print run.

Even the software associated with our multifunction printers complies with Section 508 technical requirements.

Our multifunction bizhubs have:

  • Large Touch Screens: Up to 10.1 inches for easy visibility, with on-screen document preview before you release a print or send a scan.
  • Touch & Swipe: Use your fingertips to touch, swipe, drag and double-tap, just like a smart phone.
  • Tilting Panel: The bizhub control panel tilts up and down for access from all angles, whether you are standing or seated.
  • LEDs and Large Function Keys: Logical controls, color-coded instructions, easy-to-see LEDs, simple icons, customized commands are easy to read.
  • Control Icons: Quicker and easier to understand than word commands.
  • Handling: Front-loading drawers, large handles, easy-change toner replacement and accessible paper paths allow people access whether they are standing or seated at the printer.

If your vision is impaired or even if you are color blind, you’ll find the bizhub even more user-friendly because our bright orange and blue LEDs are more clearly visible and easier to perceive. Starting in 2007, each new bizhub MFP has received the Color Universal Design mark from the non-profit Color Universal Design Organization, proving that our products meet their exact standards for universal workplace accessibility and usability by all.

bizhub models provide an “Enlarge Display” function that increases the point size of characters, buttons and numbers that appear on your screen. This function presents a screen layout focused on commonly used functions, enabling a user who has difficulty viewing the regular screen to easily perform standard operations. There’s even an Accessibility key that lets you choose control panel options including color reversal screens for better readability, brightness adjustment, warning sounds, message display time, key hold-down and more.

For employees who are vision-impaired or require voice-aided commands, we offer a Voice Guidance option, which explains control screens, function keys and basic operations.  Users will hear voice commands for key functions, vocal messages to guide operation and voice verification of current bizhub settings. The optional numerical key pad enables users to maneuver around the control panel using raised numeric keys for easy operation. We have also created a customizable user interface that is available on the bizhub Marketplace for employees who are visually impaired. Simple tasks, from scan to fax and copy, can be customized to allow employees to perform daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

The Accessible multifunction printer UI includes:

  • 18 point font size: the larger font size makes it simpler to read
  • Sans Serif font: the characters/letters are easily recognizable (Roman fonts can also be used)
  • Bold typeface: the thickness of the characters/letters make them easy to decipher
  • Contrast: light lettering on a dark background is more legible

Konica Minolta is committed to enabling an accessible, productive and user-friendly workplace. Each new product is designed to work the way you do, enabling you to reach your full potential.

Konica Minolta

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