Mastering the Mobile Workplace

June 9, 2015

15-KON-0377_Mobility_eBook_F.inddHow much time do you spend on your smart phone each day? Probably a lot. And, for the majority of us, it’s increasing. A 2014 study from mobile measurement and advertising platform Flurry revealed that on average, Americans spend 162 minutes on mobile devices each day.

With so much time spent on smart phones and tablets, it’s not surprising that employees use their mobile devices for work-related tasks. While this trend offers a number of benefits in terms of productivity and flexibility, it doesn’t come without risks. Allowing a host of unmonitored devices to connect to a company’s network can make it many times more vulnerable to security breaches, non-compliance issues, data loss or corruption.

So how can organizations encourage a mobile-friendly work environment while addressing these risks? If you’re going to allow mobile devices to connect to your network, you need to manage them properly, which involves an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

An effective mobile management platform enables you to leverage mobile technology for improvements in business adaptability, productivity and profitability while keeping your systems secure. By controlling which devices connect – and how they connect – to your enterprise technologies, you can keep corporate data safe from malware, viruses and other risks and be certain your practices are in compliance with industry codes and regulations.

A comprehensive mobile management strategy should include three key things to manage the mobile devices connecting to your network: security features to protect your data and the privacy of your employees and customers, user access controls to regulate which devices can connect to your network and how, and automated policy enforcement to ensure procedures are enacted. In addition to connected mobile devices, a sound solution should also control access to mobile content and mobile applications.

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Nick Pegley
Senior Vice President, Channel Sales Engagement

Nick is responsible for global go-to-market strategies for the Konica Minolta Digital Workplace business unit, with a primary focus on the innovative new Workplace Hub portfolio. His team builds new business strategies and channel models to be able to bring solutions to a broad range of customer types, to help them simplify their IT. Nick is focused on helping companies achieve their business goals through better management of information and more effective collaboration. Nick has lived and worked in the UK, Switzerland, France and the US.