Employee Excellence at Konica Minolta

August 13, 2014

SharkSince it’s Shark Week, I thought it only fitting to talk about the sharks in our own organization.

For fiscal year 2013, there were 313 Direct Channel employees whose superior achievements and talent drove them to be our top performers and earned them a place in Konica Minolta’s President’s Club. We celebrated their achievements in July at the Hyatt Lake Tahoe, surrounded by mountains, forests, and a pristine lake.

Because of their dedication, President’s Club members set the bar high, not only for themselves but for everyone around them. Just like in pro sports, top performers encourage colleagues to push themselves harder to create that winning team.

The commitment to excellence is ongoing: 7 new members were inducted into the Diamond Circle, an elite group of 35 employees who have qualified for President’s Club at least 10 times. To maintain that level of excellence for that amount of time is truly inspiring.

So what makes a winning team? Passion. Dedication. Collaboration. Passion in that we always think on behalf of our customers, working tirelessly to bring them success and exceed their expectations. Dedication in that we make a meaningful contribution to our customers’ businesses and to society as a whole. Collaboration in that the power of teamwork with our customers, our partners and each other is the best way to come up with game-changing ideas that provide ultimate benefits.

The ongoing success of our company is due in great part to the commitment of employees who go above and beyond in their performance, and many who do so year after year. We have a long tradition at Konica Minolta to work hard. Our company’s success is testament to that tradition. With a strong foundation, our company is unstoppable.

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Mark Bradford
President, Direct Operations

Mark Bradford is President of the Direct Operations for Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., overseeing all direct sales, administration and customer service functions.