Sales strategy must EVOLVE

May 4, 2015


How do you stay ahead of the competition? By continuing to evolve. For our Sales organization, that means focusing on what matters most to our customers.

What matters most to them, is that we understand their business strategies, their initiatives and their
challenges. By understanding what matters most to our customers, we can help them enhance their business, solve their problems and grow their revenue. With that understanding, we can tailor a suite of products and services to their unique business needs. This Sales approach goes hand in hand with the verticalization of our product portfolio, so that our core business focuses on the inherent needs of specific industries, including healthcare, education, legal, government, finance and graphic communications.

Once the customer’s needs are understood, we can analyze his business workflow processes. Then, we can craft a Sales strategy. This fosters a high-impact sales engagement process because we are demonstrating the business impact to the customer. In so doing, we move from the role of product vendor to the role of trusted business advisor.

Through research and preparation, we will know exactly what our customer’s needs are so that we exceed their expectations.

We can align our expertise and products to their business. We can make an impact.

Mark Bradford
President, Direct Operations

Mark Bradford is President of the Direct Operations for Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., overseeing all direct sales, administration and customer service functions.