What Does The Future Hold For The Workplace Of The Future™?

March 12, 2019

It was just under 4 years ago that Konica Minolta was dreaming about the Workplace of the Future™ and today it is our reality. The goal of this dream was and continues to be built around technology. We want to simplify IT for our customers, connect disparate data points, and enable better collaboration with mobility, flexibility and creativity.

From this vision, came the byproduct of great thinking, Workplace Hub. The Workplace Hub is an all- in- one IT platform that revolutionizes the way a business operates. And now, we seem to be at a realistic crossroads, which just has us dreaming of more.

What is the future of The Workplace of the Future? We are once again on the brink of infinite change – but this time on a much bigger scale than we’ve ever dreamt before.

“While the future workplace will be small (in comparison to years past), it will be so brilliantly managed,” Paul Chaplin, Chief Analyst, Community & Investment Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe.

What are the hopes for accomplishing this?

In the next 5 years, technology will match up the known data in our already used systems like cell phones, apps, and computers and integrate that knowledge with human consciousness. This type of machine learning can essentially improve our everyday workplace experiences.

“The more data points become integrated, the easier machine learning becomes,” Kay Du Fernandez, Senior Vice President, Marketing.

With this kind of technology, the new “Workplace of the Future” will be able to utilize the insights derived from the fringes of human and systematic consciousness and turn them into actionable business intelligence. It is easier to understand if you picture the first few minutes of the Matrix or scenes from the Minority Report.

Experts in the fields of math, science and technology have always recognized patterns and the way they can predict what’s to come. They see the world as a formula that needs uncovering and so our goals are to apply that way of thinking to the world of work. As such, Konica Minolta is working hard to best use sensitive “patterns” like human awareness and have applied the science to the evolution of the Workplace Hub or namely Cognitive Hub.

The Cognitive Hub

Our plans with this Hub are to augment Artificial Intelligence further than where it exists today. We can do so by aggregating data from multiple sources in work environments and the world around us to create a “virtual genius.”

The “virtual genius” will allow employees, teams and businesses to work efficiently and at a more intellectually enabled pace. And the byproduct of that may just be the culmination of new and inspired ideas.

It only works if…

Smart companies are busy seeking competitive advantages for their organizations and teams to reshape work by selecting and implementing the right tools and technologies. The future and the “virtual genius” is all dependent on the simplification of an organization and their current systems.

It can be overwhelming to think about a large shift if your current organization, but a great place to start is by implementing easy to use services. Meeting room management makes it easier for collaboration to happen and increases team productivity. This solution helps to promote the freedom to produce ideas whenever and wherever!

The best way to achieve maximum productivity in your business with minimum wasted effort or expense is to use the smartest resources available. We offer solutions such as a virtual receptionist to greet your visitors and connect them with employees. Whether you or your employees are working from an office desktop or a mobile device, these resources will have your staff and facility working in a well-organized, competent and efficient way.

Read more about the competitive advantages of adapting to The Workplace of the Future™ and all the solutions we have to offer in order to get you future ready!

*Quotes from ‘Spotlight On… The Future of Work – A Konica Minolta Perspective

Brittany Rodriguez
Marketing Specialist

Brittany Rodriguez manages the finance and education marketing strategies for Konica Minolta Business Solutions and All Covered IT services. Brittany has worked in marketing for her entire career, but the past 4 years she has focused on content marketing and has a true passion for writing. She holds a degree in English and a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing in Education.