The Optimized Workplace

October 16, 2019

When you read the word ‘solutions’, what comes to mind? Software?  It’s much more than that; solutions are fixes, a means of solving a problem. In chemistry, a solution is known as a mixture of two or more substances that result in an interaction. For Konica Minolta, solutions are a combination of software, hardware and services, all looking for a chemist to deliver the potion. We are your chemists!

It’s time to change the conversation. You have challenges and we have drastically changed our approach to match your mindset.  Together, we assess your needs.  With this approach, we learn the outputs you need and provide the resolution – a specific result.

When we meet at your needs and discuss your challenges with questions that address pain points from your perspective, we are jointly discovering what is critical for your productivity.


We can address:

  • What areas of your operation you worry about for employee safety

  • What you would do if you had more office space
  • What kind of operational oversight you have over your x locations
  • And maybe, in what ways you could make your Workplace work better for you.

Our communications frame this conversation around the Optimized Workplace addressing your needs in the various areas of your facility: lobby, office, warehouse, mailroom, factory and more. Use this download  to walk through twenty-one possible solutions, from Alice to MOBOTIX cameras, from Managed Print Services to Content Management Services. Go beyond functionality to create an environment that promotes security, efficiency, collaboration and safety for your facility.

Hampton Hale
Vice President of National Programs

Hampton Hale joined Konica Minolta in 2005. He is focused on emerging business solutions and digital transformation, and is currently responsible for facility optimization and security services. With experience in IP video security systems, workplace optimization and business intelligence, Hampton leads several teams that consult with customers across North America to solve challenges in these areas. When at home, Hampton bicycles frequently on the roads and trails in NW Atlanta, where he lives with his wife and two children.