The Pathway To Faster Public Records Fulfillment

January 2, 2019

More than ever before, government officials feel increased pressure to provide easy access to public records, and often face legal mandates for fulfilling requests. Unfortunately, an overreliance on paper-based, manual public records request fulfillment makes meeting request deadlines difficult. Hunting down documents from multiple departments, locations and filing cabinets puts a strain on government staff and leads to lengthy fulfillment cycles. Given the increase in public document requests and the scrutiny from the federal government to provide the public with better access to records, there is no doubt constituents want better access to public records. With this comes an expectation that government offices responsible for complying with these requests are prompt in their response.

To address this situation, many agencies have decided to use an enterprise content management (ECM) system to digitize records. The challenge of finding records can be met by creating a single, central and electronic repository to both store and retrieve records.

With an ECM solution, you are ensured of a complete search, and a full list of documents that meet that request, whether the request is submitted online or by paper request, is provided. Keyword and full-text searches allow the clerk staff to quickly locate documents, saving staff time and money, and making the processing of requests faster. With Konica Minolta ECM redaction tools, you can also protect any sensitive or confidential data on documents before responding to the request.

Once a public request is submitted online or by other methods, they enter a workflow process, allowing Konica Minolta ECM solutions to automatically route them to the correct department for review, assignment and fulfillment. ECM eliminates manual methods to logging and tracking these requests, staff fulfillment assignments, compiling documents into packets, and redacting confidential information, sending responses electronically to the requestor or posting to a portal. Staff is notified of new requests and those in need of immediate attention. Deadlines are easily met without worrying about fines or other penalties for delayed responses or noncompliance.

Additionally, ECM equips you with reporting dashboards that describe and identify bottlenecks. Dashboards report on many areas – open requests, request types, assigned departments and more. This allows for better management of tasks, increased visibility into types of requests, number of requests, and specific information being requested.

With Konica Minolta ECM solutions, you simplify request submission and fulfillment. From online request capabilities and comprehensive record searches to digital delivery, ECM improves the process from beginning to end.

Cindy Bialy
ECM Account Manager

Cindy has been with Konica Minolta for eight years, currently serving in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) division where she connects the company’s sales professionals with businesses to help them plan for and achieve significant cost savings in content management. Prior to Konica Minolta, she was at AMS Imaging. Cindy is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University and earned her MBA from New Hampshire College. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys oil painting, kayaking and any other outdoor activities that come her way.