Top 3 Improvements In Konica Minolta’s bizhub® i-Series

August 27, 2019

Top performing companies are constantly looking for new opportunities to optimize their offices with increased productivity and innovation. As businesses evolve, it is important to keep your office environment connected and workflow efficient while maintaining state of the art data security.

Konica Minolta’s new IoT-enabled bizhub i-Series is revolutionizing smart MFP technology from operational improvements to digital transformation of the workplace.

Here are some important upgrades to consider:

New User Interface – Konica Minolta has completely redesigned its dashboard interface by putting users first, increasing accessibility and customizability. The new 10” tablet touch panel with a 24° to 90° tilt angle complies with ADA standards to ensure easy access and operation for any user. Voice controls further enhance access and operation ease where users can handle copy and scan tasks without even touching the device.

Just like on a smartphone, users can customize their screen to eliminate the need for scrolling and searching on the most common jobs. The new panel is more intuitive to minimize steps and reduce touches to perform functions to respond to customer demands. And with the new quad-core central processing unit, users enjoy its fastest range ever with virtually no wait time.

Enhanced Security – This generation no longer utilizes a hard disk drive (HDD) and it was replaced by a solid state drive (SSD) for an enhanced encryption algorithm that eliminates issues associated with magnetic storage devices and complies with NSA standards. The new models are also GDPR and ISO 15408 certified HCD-PP compliant.

Bizhub SECURE and bizhub SECURE Platinum services ensure that data residing inside your i-Series memory stays protected and your device network settings remain secure. The Bitdefender extension option can even automatically scan all transmitted data to account for and detect external threats. Never worry about disaster recovery again with continuous security tailored to your company’s greatest needs.

Reduced Footprint – Konica Minolta is taking even greater steps to better their sustainability practices. The new generation i-Series models are rated EPEAT Gold and satisfy Blue Angel standards so you can reduce your office energy consumption.

The Simitri HD toner has been reformulated and used in conjunction with a new fusing unit that requires a lower fusing temperature. This means improved speed of first copy out while still providing high-quality output and support for a smaller fusing design. A lower power consumption overall equals a smaller footprint, allowing you to keep up with changing environmental initiatives.

Konica Minolta understands and listens to its customers’ greatest needs and continues to integrate these improvements into their products. The new bizhub i-Series line is truly changing the game of multi-function print, and has already been recognized in the industry with an Editor’s Choice Award from Better Buys.

Kevin Kern
Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies

Kevin is responsible for setting the direction and strategy to accelerate Konica Minolta’s customer adoption of digital transformation, also overseeing the software and solutions planning functions, including emerging technologies along with oversight of US R&D and Business Intelligence Services (BIS) operations. In previous roles, he drove the BIS and Product Planning organization to ensure the growth and innovation of the company’s technology, solutions, vertical markets and ECM practice, and led corporate marketing initiatives and new product planning and development for Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.