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With the continued innovations in technology around content, processes, storage, and the data that government agencies rely on, we have the ability to transform your organization. No matter where you may be on your Digital Transformation journey, the Konica Minolta Intelligent Information Management practice is here to meet you where you are.

Where Do You Begin?

Navigating document management, organization and security can be difficult. Start by watching this short video to learn how we can help assess your information management needs and identify your priorities to digitally transform.

Hear From Your Peers

“GlobalSearch has saved me 15 hours each week that I can now devote to constituent service and other county business. This equates to a 35% gain in my personal productivity. I would recommend this solution to any organization who wants to save time and avoid frustration managing documents.”

– County Clerk


This county operated in a document-heavy, paper-intensive environment. Every quarter, they received 1,000 sewer line order documents. Staff members would make a copy of each document, file manually alphabetically, calculate the charges and manually enter the amounts to be put on the tax bill. Documents were being misplaced and data was being entered inaccurately, resulting in poor constituent service.


GlobalSearch and KeyFree Indexing by Square 9 were implemented to automate business processes and eliminate repetitive manual data entry.


File cabinets were eliminated, freeing up precious office space. Paperwork is no longer lost or misplaced with document retrieval being instant, while saving time and improving the quality of constituent service. The solution saved an estimated $18,000 in salary as it eliminated the need for part-time support.

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Rethink Records Management

A single solution for transforming efficiency in any government agency.

With our GlobalSearch solution, you get a trusted partner to implement digital technology and automation throughout your organization. GlobalSearch allows government agencies to better serve constituent needs with immediate and accurate access to information. See what’s included in GlobalSearch.

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In this fast-changing world, many government agencies can benefit from the expertise of a digital transformation partner. Our Intelligent Information Management team will work closely with you to assess your constituent needs and build a customized plan to transform your agency for the future. Contact us to get started on your journey today!


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