Technology Bundles for Education

Technology Bundles for Education

For school facilities, organization, efficiency and security is key to running a smooth day to day operation. Keeping students, faculty and staff safe is a priority and keeping everyone engaged daily is imperative. These packages have been modified to support each of these key initiatives and their goals are to encourage maximum output.

Efficient, Secure Solutions for School Facilities

Help teachers and students engage and interact more effectively with interactive classroom tools.

Hybrid classrooms are hard for teachers to navigate. Between trying to keep students engaged online and also keep the attention of those in the classroom, the complexities can be difficult. Teachers feel strapped to their desk because of online learning which inhibits the connection between those students in the classroom. This bundle includes multiple solutions for interactive learning no matter where the teacher and the students are sitting. This happens via presenter tracking which allows the teacher to move from their desk throughout the room and also use their Promethean Panel. It makes it a more natural experience for everyone. Additionally, there is an enhanced microphone and speaker so students can hear from anywhere!

Keep students, teachers and staff safe with visitor management check-in and video surveillance solutions.

Besides trying to manage remote learners at home, schools have the hard task of ensuring the safety of anyone who comes into their buildings for hybrid learning. Keeping track of visitors, student schedules, student pickups without a digital solution can be challenging. And schools are being tasked with managing various schedules in order to comply with COVID-19 protocols. Therefore, being able to report back and contact trace who was in a building and when is now the new normal. In addition to making sure that students are safe to come in, it’s also important to keep those that don’t belong in a school out. Ill-intentioned people may take advantage of overwhelmed administrators to make their way in. It is only with security tools that everyone in the building can be assured that they’re safe. With these solutions you can secure your facility and gain operational oversight.

Gain the seamless print experience that’s manageable, efficient and effective for teachers, students and staff.

As schools and universities transition back to in-person and/or maintenance of hybrid learning environments, printing needs to be done safely and securely. Don’t make the print experience be a bigger barrier than it should be. With PaperCut, you’ll get a comprehensive print management solution with feature-rich options built in and continuously meet the users’ needs – each and every one of them, every time – while having the administrative access to manage all the information. Providing better flexibility for hybrid environments, students and staff can print from the convenience of their home to pick up on-site. The ability to set up simple pay-for-print or print quotas allow for better cost control and savings. The PaperCut bundle allows students and teachers to adhere to safety protocols with FollowMe Print and touchless release. Features of this package include Google Workspace integration for Google environments (Active Directory also included), PaperCut’s Mobility Print setup for all mobile devices with a strong emphasis on Chromebook management, Print Deploy for print driver configuration and deployment, and cost cutting measures such as managing and tracking printing.

Effective Tools for School Facilities

Every school is unique in what they need to operate. But they have very similar needs when it comes to engaging their students, faculty and staff. And they all require security in some capacity or another. Efficient and effective tools make everyone’s lives easier!