Technology Bundles for Government

Efficient, Secure Technology Bundle for Public Sector Facilities Supporting the Digital Transformation Journey

For the public sector, digital transformation is a priority. Digitization, organization, workflow efficiency and security are all key to running facility operations smoothly and for fortifying the future ahead. Equipping staff with secure, effective tools to streamline processes is a priority and keeping constituents informed and engaged is important. This bundle has been modified to support these significant initiatives while paving the way forward for digital transformation goals.

DX Government Package

With managing any office within government environments, there comes the expensive task of printing. For government facilities, there is always a need to stay on budget. Our premiere print management and workflow automation solution, Dispatcher Suite, allows government facilities to effectively manage and reduce their printing costs. Additionally, we can help to increase document workflow productivity and security. Securely printing a document is something that is often overlooked, but absolutely imperative considering the need to keep data private and out of the hands of the wrong person, or forgetfully left out in the open for many eyes to read. This would possibly expose PII (Personal Identifiable Information) and allow certain documents to be compromised. These feature-rich integrated platforms simplify print and scan operations and maximize business efficiencies, providing government entities of all sizes the flexibility they need.

Effective Tools for Digital Transformation

Every facility is different and their needs are unique to each. But there are common priorities when it comes to equipping staff and providing better information to constituents. These include digital transformation at every level. Efficient and effective tools make every difference toward the journey ahead.