Konica Minolta Launches bizhub C650 MFP for High-End Office Workgroups

Next-Generation bizhub C650 Offers Strengthened Digital Network Solutionsand Drives Adoption of Color Printing

Konica Minolta Launches bizhub C650 MFP for High-End Office Workgroups

Next-Generation bizhub C650 Offers Strengthened Digital Network Solutions
and Drives Adoption of Color Printing

RAMSEY, NJ - July 9, 2007 - Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leading provider of advanced imaging and networking technologies, today announced the introduction of the bizhub C650, the third in the next-generation bizhub product line to be unveiled this year.  With fast color and cost-effective black and white output, the bizhub C650 provides all-in-one functionality (print, copy, scan, fax) for high-end office workgroups and applications that require 50 pages per minute (ppm) color and 65 ppm black and white document production.

The bizhub C650 provides workgroups a true black-and-white replacement multifunctional product (MFP) without sacrificing black and white printer speed or requiring a premium price.  The bizhub C650 also offers a high maximum monthly duty cycle, quick warm-up time, and larger paper capacity.  Leveraging the bizhub line's new '360 degree design' makes it aesthetically pleasing from any angle so it can be centered in a busy work area.

"The bizhub C650 is a workhorse for high-end office workgroups, offering everything from a fast CPU and large amounts of memory and storage to a big, clear LCD and updated security features like biometric authentication," said Kevin P. Kern, vice president, product planning and development, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.  "With products such as the recently announced bizhub C550 and now the bizhub C650, we easily can meet the wide range of customers' MFP and printer needs, all of whom will benefit from our unprecedented, patented technology."

The bizhub C650, developed and manufactured by Konica Minolta, continues bringing to market Konica Minolta's significant technology advancements with the bizhub OP, Emperon™ Print Controller, Simitri® HD (High Definition) Color Polymerized Toner, and the industry's first Biometric Authentication Unit, which reads the vein patterns of an end-user's finger.  The bizhub C650 incorporates new innovative features that deliver better image quality, reliability and enhanced productivity.  The bizhub C650's all-in-one capability means redundant devices such as a separate scanner, fax machine and printer can be replaced by one versatile color MFP.

"We are excited to add Konica Minolta's bizhub C650 to our lineup of MFP offerings as it neatly fits the needs of high-end office workgroups," said Lee Peters, vice president of sales, New England Copy Specialists, Inc. (NECS) of Woburn, Massachusetts.  "With this addition, we are now able to offer office workgroups a color MFP that provides all the key features and benefits to meet our customers' digital networking needs, as well as the reliability and security benefits featured in the bizhub product line from Konica Minolta."

bizhub C650 Innovations and Advancements 

  • Biometric Authentication Unit provides high detection accuracy; vein patterns of a finger are scanned, encrypted and stored and are used to distinguish individuals.  
  • Higher image quality Simitri HD Color Polymerized Toner reformulated to use the same polymerized toner particles in more expensive production print devices. Improvements include lower temperature fusing, ultra-fine carrier particles and higher purity materials.  
  • Large capacity toner cartridges lower the cost per copy and can be replaced on the fly.  
  • Support for IPv6 next generation Networking Protocol.  
  • New 8.5-inch color LCD display control panel to preview data and display thumbnail images to view the job before it prints.  The panel can be tilted both vertically and horizontally for enhanced Section 508 compliance.  The control panel permits jobs stored in the bizhub C650 to be printed without need for a PC.  
  • Emperon Controller enhancements include higher processing speeds, unification of printer drivers (PCL/PS), advanced user box editing and storing capabilities and user box thumbnail preview.  
  • Encrypted network printing support allows print data to be encrypted via the print driver.

bizhub C650 Standard Features

  • Fast color output (50 ppm) and cost-effective black and white output (65 ppm).  
  • New 360-degree design and color scheme.  
  • InfoLine status reporting with new LED lights.  
  • bizhub Send Feature allows documents to be scanned to SMB, Email, FTP, FAX, and User Box simultaneously.  
  • On-board color touch screen control panel with thumbnail preview and programmable shortcut keys for most frequently used copy and scan/fax functions.  
  • Next-generation security with award-winning Hard Drive Overwrite security function, LDAP Authentication, optional Biometric Authentication Unit and other high-level standard security features.  
  • Tandem laser print head with polygon mirror.  
  • Simitri HD Color Polymerized toner for superior color print quality.  
  • Reversing Automatic Duplex Unit (ADU) for double-sided color printing and copying at 100% productivity with speeds up to 75 opm.  
  • Internet Faxing  for fast and inexpensive data transfer from one device to another.  
  • Four drawers and intelligent bypass tray for standard 3,650 sheet paper capacity and enhanced paper handling - up to 100 lb. cover.  
  • Network scanning:  Email, FTP, SMB (Desktop), User Box (HDD) and TWAIN.  
  • PCL6 and PS Level 3 (emulation) printing.  
  • PageScope Software Utilities.  
  • Section 508 compliance for easy access.  
  • Scan Accelerator for fast scan conversion.  
  • ICC Color Profile support helps users to consistently reproduce color across scanners, displays, printers, and applications.  
  • Fiery Controller Interface kit allows a Fiery Image Controller to be used in place of the standard Emperon Controller.

Options and Accessories

  • Biometric Authentication Unit (AU-101) for added security and one-touch printing.  
  • EFI Image Controller (IC-409) for graphics-oriented application (interface kit comes standard).  
  • Floor-type Finishers (FS-517, FS-608) for folding (half-fold and tri-fold), saddle stitching up to 80-page booklets, and stapling.  
  • Punch Kit (PK-512) for 2-/3-hole punching capability.  
  • Large Capacity Tray holds up to 3,000 letter-size sheets for a total paper capacity of 6,650 sheets.  
  • Desktop faxing capabilities with optional fax kit.

Pricing and Availability
The bizhub C650 is available now through Konica Minolta's North American direct sales, authorized dealer and value-added reseller channels. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the bizhub C650 is $31,000.

About Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., offers a broad range of multifunctional digital imaging solutions inspired by its bizhub brand of powerful solutions that serve as the central resource for document scanning, in-house printing, copying, faxing and electronic archiving and distribution. From high-quality color and monochrome bizhub systems for workgroups and small offices, to advanced high-volume bizhub PRO™ production printing systems for large corporations and print-for-pay services, Konica Minolta is leading the industry toward integrated, networked hardware/software solutions that are more simple, reliable, and cost-effective. Complementing its bizhub solutions, Konica Minolta also offers desktop laser printers, microform digital imaging systems, wide-format printers and scanning systems for specialized applications.

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