Konica Minolta Launches Next Generation Polymerized Toner With the bizhub PRO C6500

Simitri-HD (High Definition), was developed to meet the needs ofthe production printing market and can be called 'the' toner in this environment


ON DEMAND Conference & Expo - Philadelphia, PA - May 16, 2006 - At the ON DEMAND Conference & Expo, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) announces the combined launch of its all new color production printing system, the bizhub PRO C6500/bizhub PRO C6500P and new generation of its Simitri® polymerized toner. The new toner, Simitri-HD (High Definition), was developed to meet the needs of the production printing market and can be called 'the' toner in this environment. Simitri-HD produces a consistently high quality finish and is the perfect accompaniment to the bizhub PRO C6500, which is built to cope with the expectations of high volume print operators.

The bizhub PRO C6500 comes in nine production printing configurations and one high-end office configuration, which can process up to 200,000 impressions per month. It has an output capacity of up to 3,900 sheets per hour (65 sheets per minute) in both full color and black and white and is able to cope with media weights of up to 300 g/m2. When this capability and flexibility is combined with the quality output that Simitri-HD offers, it becomes the most complete proposition in the production printing market.

The small particle size of Simitri-HD achieves smoother halftone reproduction, and a vast improvement in text reproduction and sharpness. In addition to the output benefits, the small particle size leads to less toner being used and lower toner consumption inevitably results in cost savings.

The development of the new fusing process means that output quality is higher than ever and less energy is consumed. Plus, it dramatically reduces curl and damage to paper. From the first print to the thousandth, the toner quality doesn't deteriorate so the print quality is consistently high. Additionally, image permanence is significantly better than offset printing.

"With the bizhub PRO C6500 and Simitri-HD we are confident that we have a truly compelling proposition which will continue to increase our share in the production printing market," says Kevin P. Kern, vice president, product planning and development, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. "Konica Minolta's  excellent reputation in color is just one of the reasons that we are excelling in this arena. The flexibility of the product combined with quality and cost savings delivered by our next-generation polymerized toner makes this solution the intelligent choice for print professionals."

Polymerized toner was first introduced in 2000. Since then, unlike any other printer and multi-functional device manufacturer, Konica Minolta has ensured that all of its devices use Simitri. Between 2000 and 2007, Konica Minolta will double its production capacity of Simitri by producing 15,000 tons a year.

To experience the bizhub PRO C6500 with the new Simitri-HD, and the rest of Konica Minolta's full portfolio of bizhub PRO production printing systems, visit us at ON DEMAND at Booth #2125 from May 15-18, 2006.

Features of Simitri-HD
Small particle size resulting in:
• High image quality
• High resolution, sharpness and excellent gradation
• Lower toner consumption
• Uniform shape
• Smooth surface

Oil-free fusing resulting in:
• Increased reliability of machine
• No silicone oil contamination in machine
• Improvement of fixing unit life
• Reduction of shine finish
• Ball-point pen writable

Lower fusing temperature resulting in:
• Energy saving in fixing process
• Flexibility of paper application
• Reduction of paper curl

Environmental Load
• 30 - 40% reduction of CO2, NOx, and SOx in production process

To experience Konica Minolta's full portfolio of bizhub PRO production printing systems, visit us at ON DEMAND at Booth #2125 from May 15-18, 2006.

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