Konica Minolta Offers EFI Micropress 7.0 for the bizhub PRO 1050

Front-End Production Print Workflow Server and Controller Solution Offers 
Powerful New Set of Make-Ready Tools that Easily Integrate into a Business' Existing Environment

FOR THE bizhub PRO 1050

Front-End Production Print Workflow Server and Controller Solution Offers
Powerful New Set of Make-Ready Tools that Easily Integrate into a Business'
Existing Environment

RAMSEY, N.J. - November 1, 2005 - Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced the availability of the EFI™ (Nasdaq:EFII) MicroPress® 7.0 Production Print Workflow Solution for the bizhub PRO™ 1050 production printing system.  With its raster-based workflow, MicroPress 7.0 is designed to increase productivity in digital production environments.  MicroPress 7.0 delivers a newly designed user interface based on EFI's powerful, intuitive Command WorkStation™ technology that simplifies job management; an integrated array of expert, make-ready tools; cluster printing capability; maximized engine speed; and sophisticated engine recovery.

"MicroPress 7.0's flexible, scalable design was the driving force behind our decision to offer this digital front-end solution for the bizhub PRO 1050.  Its ability to easily integrate into an existing production environment, its migration path to meet growing output demands, as well as its ability to accommodate emerging technologies made it a standout against the competition," said Kevin Kern, vice president, product planning and development, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, U.S.A., Inc.  "Achieving maximum productivity and optimal throughput are two of the most significant priorities for production print environments.  This new front-end option for the bizhub PRO 1050 responds to these needs by delivering expert make-ready tools and an elevated print performance that enables users to get the most out of their bizhub PRO 1050 production printing system."

Three New Workflow Server Options
MicroPress 7.0 is being offered in three hardware configuration options, providing a right-size solution for a range of workflow environments.  

  • MicroPress Prodigy Workflow Server - The MicroPress Prodigy Workflow Server is suited for single engine configurations in need of prepress and workflow management functionality, with its Intel Pentium 4 processor,
    160 GB HDD, 512 MB RAM and Windows XP Professional software. 
  • MicroPress Professional Workflow Server - Entry production requirements are met by the MicroPress Professional Workflow Server, which drives up to four devices and features an Intel Pentium 4 processor, 160 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM and Windows XP Professional software.
  • MicroPress Production Workflow Server - For heavy production print environments, the MicroPress Production Workflow Server drives up to 12 devices and features flexible, powerful workflow tools and complete fault-tolerance, as well as dual Intel Xeon processors, three hard drives with 146 GB capacity (one used for RAID 5), 2 GB RAM, Hot Swap capability, and a Windows 2003 server.

Elevated Print Performance
The MicroPress 7.0 print server and controller solution delivers an elevated print performance to bizhub PRO 1050 users.  This elevated print performance drives the bizhub PRO 1050 at full-rated speed, offers sophisticated error recovery, and allows simultaneous RIP processing, which greatly speeds production.

Expert Prepress Production Tools
The MicroPress 7.0 TrueEdit™ application offers users powerful yet easy-to-use, complex document construction tools that improve productivity by automating an array of document editing processes.  These expert digital prepress tools enable: the editing of RIPed files; the merging of RIPed files with variable data; the control of unique page settings; easy job-level and page-level changes and tab insertion; and the selection of either facing pages or front-to-back views. 

Tight Engine Control for Managing Print Jobs
With MicroPress 7.0, bizhub PRO 1050 users will have advanced job management functions and complete engine control capabilities to optimize workflow.  Its comprehensive job ticketing, tight engine control, and MicroImager™ (optional) functionality provide production environments with the power to easily select the right finishing combinations, maintain job tickets, and streamline scanning, distributing and auto archiving of hard-copy documents.

"Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C500 color production printing system customers have experienced terrific productivity gains with the MicroPress ProSeries 7.0 Production Print Workflow Solution, and now that opportunity is available to Konica Minolta bizhub PRO 1050 customers deploying MicroPress 7.0," said Frank Mallozzi, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, EFI. "We've designed the MicroPress 7.0's robust time-saving tools and workflow automation capabilities to maximize digital printer output, while providing a clear growth path toward future production demands. We're pleased to add this solution to the expanding portfolio of innovative EFI technology optimized for Konica Minolta customers."

Pricing and Availability
MicroPress 7.0 is available as an option for the bizhub PRO 1050 through Konica Minolta's North American direct sales, authorized dealer and value-added reseller channels. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for MicroPress 7.0 starts at $13,995 for the single engine configuration (Prodigy Workflow Server). The MSRP for the bizhub PRO 1050 is $57,000.

About EFI
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About Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., offers a broad range of multifunctional digital imaging solutions inspired by its bizhub™ brand of powerful solutions that serve as the central resource for document scanning, in-house printing, copying, faxing and electronic archiving and distribution. From high-quality color and monochrome bizhub systems for workgroups and small offices, to advanced high-volume bizhub PRO™ production printing systems for large corporations and print-for-pay services, Konica Minolta is leading the industry toward integrated, networked hardware/software solutions that are more simple, reliable, and cost-effective. Complementing its bizhub solutions, Konica Minolta also offers desktop laser printers, microform digital imaging systems, wide-format printers and scanning systems for specialized applications.

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