In Plant


Imagine educators being able to create their own custom-designed course materials and textbooks. Many schools are doing that and your school can too. With professional print production devices, you can start an in-plant and develop creative texts, saving the costs of buying materials in order to address specific lessons for your diverse student body.

You can be a real hero when you run an in-plant in a school and effectively address the needs of various departments. For instance, consistently high print quality and affordable costs via recycled materials can prove beneficial in gaining internal returning customers. Konica Minolta has the solutions that enable you to do just that.  Whether your school's needs are low-, mid- or high-volume, we have the right print production product for you. 

In turn, your in-plant can generate savings and profits for your institution, as well as generate the loyalty needed to keep the in-plant operational.  And to help lift your appeal, we'll introduce recyclable consumables including toner that'll allow your school to successfully achieve and promote some of its green initiatives.

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