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Approximately 92% of steps performed in a Production Printing environment add no value to the final product. These steps become part of the way work gets done, so you keep doing them. Non-value added steps are a form of waste which can directly impact your ability to take on new work, new market opportunities and even meet your existing SLAs. Konica Minolta’s Professional Services team uses LEAN manufacturing tools to identify value added vs non-value added steps, and reduce overall waste.

Konica Minolta’s Professional Services provides a clear view of your production processes, supporting you through a myriad of challenges that you encounter daily. We’ll begin our relationship with an assessment workshop to understand your overall business goals and priorities. We’ll review all areas of your business – not just production operations, but sales and marketing as well. We will clearly define the efficiencies available to you and how to successfully address them.

You’ll learn how to effectively reduce your costs and streamline your production processes, from order entry right through delivery. Our recommendations will help you maximize your current graphic communications solutions along with offering innovative solutions for a more productive and profitable future for you and your staff.

Reducing non-value added steps and decreasing waste (such as wasted inventory, time, movement and raw materials) leads to a more efficient operation, capable of bringing on new work, and better positioned to serve your current clients more effectively. The foundation of any house must be strong to support what is built on it. Ensure your production foundation is solid, your new market opportunities are captured, and your existing capital investments are maximized. Meet with a Konica Minolta Production Solutions Consultant.

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