Planning Software for Marketing


Whether you’re the marketer, brand owner, or marketing services provider, you know the importance of having a marketing calendar. Annually or seasonally, every CMO and VP of Marketing must create an in-depth marketing calendar that details every dollar spent on every marketing tactic, from direct mail to billboards, radio to TV, publications to social media.

The marketing calendar is a necessary part of corporate marketing planning. Traditionally, every campaign plan is laid out in spreadsheets or budgeting software. Not only is determining cost and impact difficult, but there’s no attribution to the actual results of any campaign. This may be why the average tenure of a CMO in the United States is just 22 months.

A marketing planning and analytics platform can help you create “What-If” analyses while building a marketing calendar, including all traditional and custom marketing tactics. Tactics come preloaded with expected response rates, taking into account the type of tactic, whether it’s air cover, brand awareness or call to action oriented. The marketing mix is also tracked so projections of performance are realistic and actionable.

With this platform, multiple budget, revenue and profitability scenarios can be built, compared for cost and effect, and easily reviewed with stakeholders. But it doesn’t stop there. Now that you’ve approved your plan, this platform begins tracking all available data from internal and external sources regarding the effectiveness, response and even revenues triggered by the campaign.

Finally, all of this information is clearly provided in a Dashboard, giving immediate insight as to what is working, and what’s not.

Consider these benefits of campaign planning platform

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