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Accurio Answers by Konica Minolta


Konica Minolta doesn’t provide your traditional CASS/PAVE/NCOA; everyone does that. We go a step further with automated delivery point validation and guaranteed delivery time. No matter if you send tens or hundreds or even thousands of packages in First Class Mail a day, you can ensure you are reaping every discount, every refund due, and tracking every returned piece with our postage, tracking and shipping solutions.

Mailing and shipping are two similar, yet different, worlds. Add in trucking logistics and you have a challenge for any logistics or shipping manager of product, whether printed or manufactured, or both. Konica Minolta believes in supporting you from intake of an order all the way through shipping and delivery confirmation to your final recipient’s door.

Did you know that the three largest parcel carriers in the country all charge accessorial charges? What's that? It’s a charge, after the fact, that no one has to approve. It normally stems from a minute detail in how one address or recipient is identified (which may be different than another carrier’s structure). And no, not even running that address through your preferred shippers website will guarantee no accessorial charges. Most companies pay up to 20% or more in accessorial charges for package delivery. If you ship large quantities of finished goods, this may affect you without you even knowing it. The only time you see these charges is once the delivery is complete and the bill comes to accounting. At that point, do you really match up every charge with the shipping manifest, or do you just pay the bill?

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