Ambulatory Care
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It's a challenge to deliver quality ambulatory care while complying with a myriad of regulatory requirements. Whether, you're a small private practice or a large multi-specialty clinic, Konica Minolta can assist you in solving administrative or clinical challenges and meeting business objectives with ambulatory care solutions and services to enhance security, improve workflow and interoperability and reduce operational costs. Download Full-Line Brochure

In today's fast-paced and volatile healthcare environment, your need to access, share and understand accumulating data is paramount. About 40 to 60 percent of patient data and information exists in an unstructured format such as paper documents, lab reports and referrals. Physician offices need simple but effective ways to capture and organize this information in order to complete a patient record.

Konica Minolta's healthcare business solutions portfolio gives you a compete solution by combining industry leading hardware, software and IT services that help facilities like yours reduce cost and maximize operational efficiencies.  Not only does this save you time and ensure that you're compliant with regulations, it allows physicians to provide the best ambulatory care possible to patients.

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