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With Konica Minolta’s accounts payable automation software, you can drive Accounts Payable productivity, improve accuracy and accelerate your payment applications, all while minimizing your operational costs. If you're looking to improve the efficiency of your AP operation, we can help.

In Accounts Payable, some challenges are more common than you’d think. Invoices come from different places and need to be handled differently. Likewise, once internalized, they generate huge volumes of paper that require approval on many levels and are difficult to manage. On the flip side, Accounts Payable automation solutions are driving productivity and efficiency, as well as cost reduction.

How do they work? Automated workflows remove the paper-based bottlenecks that exist in many systems. Konica Minolta solutions for Accounts Payable leverage intelligent software to scan and extract data, verify information, electronically prepare bank deposits and automatically sync and update your existing ERP or accounting system. You can skip the manual keying of invoice information and still have the information you need at your fingertips. 

In addition, you can expedite the processing and payment of invoice documents and promote data sharing through a consolidated digital repository. AP staff, managers, vendors or even third parties can have secure, real-time, online access to critical documents, allowing more informed service and decision making. Konica Minolta delivers results. Allow our proven methodology and understanding of business process to transform your Accounts Payable department.

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