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When Accounts Receivables (AR) are in order, you get better insight into cash flow and a better read on your bottom line. Consider optimizing your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions with accounts receivable software. You can fully automate transactional data and gain real-time access to the information that helps you manage your business better. Improve your accounts receivables' workflow with Konica Minolta's leading software solutions.

Nearly every ERP solution provides you with the core, transactional details of AR and transactions, but often lacks tools to automate the storage of documents, payment records, and other important supporting information. AR automation can improve your collections management, billing inquiries, electronic invoice presentment and remittance processing, which provides you the ability to store and share proof-of-delivery information, expedite payments and avoid disputes.

Konica Minolta’s accounts receivables software solutions provide these functions and also a proven alternative to process remittance payments in-house with labor- and cost-efficiency. We can help improve both internal and external operations with greater employee efficiency and an improved client-facing result. So, save the time and money otherwise spent processing payments by automating your routine AR functions. Instead, optimize new found efficiencies in your AR department and redirect that time to providing your best customer service.

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