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With Konica Minolta’s contract management solutions, you can take paper out of your contractual process, transitioning your contract documents into a manageable electronic format for secure online collaboration that will help your business move faster.

Konica Minolta’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution for contract management allows for a single digital storage place for all of your contractual materials and relevant documents. Optimize your contract management by beginning with a digital transformation of your paper documents and streamlining every step of the process to completion. 

As you upload documents into your ECM system – whether imported from other systems or scanned in – they are much easier to work with throughout your contract management lifecycle. All digital files are available and searchable immediately, so you can quickly find everything from purchasing contracts to sales to partnership agreements. Edits are fully-tracked and recorded, providing you with a full history of what was changed, when and by whom. Along the way, you’ll have increased visibility into contract status, pinpoint bottlenecks and call out delays. Approvals can be granted electronically with digital signatures.

Storage and retrieval are just the beginning of ECM benefits for contract management. Automated contract retention is essential, and contracts may need to be retained for different periods of time. You’ll have an automated process that removes the burden of filing contracts, locating documents and tracking expirations, freeing your staff to focus on high-value tasks like attracting prospective customers and generating new contracts.

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