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Is your business overloaded with incoming mail? Konica Minolta’s digital mailroom solutions can help you handle this common challenge that many businesses face. Incoming mail can be sorted, processed, and the contents digitized which will help to streamline delivery and allow important documents to rise to the surface. The solutions offered cover mailroom management software, automation software, and virtual mailroom services that can help ease the burden of managing your mailroom.

Even as electronic content, such as email and PDFs, displace paper documents and mail, mailroom operations continue to be a labor-intensive and costly service in most organizations. Konica Minolta’s mailroom management systems offer a cost-effective, paperless alternative to the traditional in-house mailroom. 

In order to consider a digital mailroom, let’s introduce you to how it all works. First, if you’d like to keep all your mail in-house but improve your efficiency of keeping up with the volume, then the in-house digital mailroom is a great place to start. Our in-house digital mailroom automation software is available to help improve your efficiency levels and manage your incoming paper volume using a combination of technologies built around scanners, capture and document management software.

Additionally, you can outsource your digital mailroom to a virtual mailroom service. In this case, your incoming mail is redirected to a dedicated Post Office Box. Our Konica Minolta dedicated service personnel and vehicles pick up several times each day, Monday through Saturday, ensuring a dedicated chain of custody for your mail. At our production facility, experienced mail room staff receive, log, process, scan and index your mail according to your specifications. Scanned images are uploaded via FTP, SFTP or Direct VPN file transfer to your Enterprise Content Management System and to end-user’s desktops often within one hour of receipt.

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