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Konica Minolta’s comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provides human resources solutions that streamline workflow, reduce IT demands, improve compliance and provide a higher level of service, all within a more cost-effective system to manage your current and prospective employees.

Human Resources departments need to solve the challenge of maintaining security protocols, while protecting sensitive employee files related to common HR needs including applications, evaluations, personal identification, financial paperwork, medical information, photos and signatures. When this information spans the entire lifecycle of your employees – from recruitment to retirement – you need to capture all direct employee communication and handle each case in a system-side secure environment.

What would be a more efficient way to manage all of this content? Konica Minolta's human resources document management solution can provide a proactive approach to managing this information. Digitizing, securing and storing files in a centralized repository utilizes technology and best practices for immediate, secure access for employees and staff with the proper clearance. This provides great efficiencies within the department with consolidated personnel files and records in a central interface.

Minimize the use of paper and eliminate the complication of duplicate and scattered record keeping. Learn more about ECM’s cloud-based solution for managing HR data more efficiently and how it can support you and your Human Resources department.

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