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Architecture, Engineering & Construction Content Management With Konica Minolta’s ECM Solutions

Managing projects, job sites, sub-contractors, vendors and workers is a highly complex task and an over-reliance on paper documents has the tendency to get out of control fast. Architecture, Engineering & Construction information management and ECM services will allow you to take control with standardized practices and improved communication and efficiency across every part of your business.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction companies of any size have options for a better way to manage projects, job sites and workers. For large companies, in particular, which could run as many as 700 individual projects at any given time, involving a complicated paper trail with customers, regional offices, sub-contractors and vendors; ECM can transform the way a business of this size operates. Konica Minolta’s process automation solutions can support improved efficiency with every department and work seamlessly within one central system ensuring that accounting and finance, human resources and legal teams operate at their optimal level.

In addition, our proven integration with leading Architecture, Engineering & Construction software allows for scaling this solution across PCs, phones and tablets while managing information in a central repository. It can also manage Auto-CAD, Revit and other CAD or Building Information Modelling (BIM) Documents and Information, which promotes faster inter-departmental processing, allowing construction professionals to make better, more informed decisions and move projects along with greater efficiency.

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The benefits of ECM for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry

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